It has been ages since I wrote about pum ... / 2014-04-15

2014-04-15 It has been ages since I wrote about pum ... 6 years ago
It has been ages since I wrote about pump'n'dump spam where spammers try to inflate prices of stock for their own personal gain. It looked like the problem had almost gone away, but the last few weeks one stock is spammed again. Someone is set on making a profit or at least investing money in minimizing the damage with the RCHA stock (Rich Pharmaceuticals, Inc) and has been at it since at least 4 April 2014 now.

Dynamoo has a good write-up: RCHA / Rich Pharmaceuticals, Inc pump-and-dump spam - Dynamoo with graphs. Stock price and volume is following the pattern of a pump and dump scam.

Even the company itself is now reporting about the spam: Rich Pharmaceuticals Warns Investors of Unauthorized Spam Stock Promotion - Press release via Reuters. I consider the stock market a form of gambling anyway so I'll skip the links to "serious" stock advice about the RHCA stock.

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