A bit of searching later found the right ... / 2014-04-18

2014-04-18 A bit of searching later found the right ...
A bit of searching later found the right incantation to make gnuplot adjust color based on a third value (signal level in my case). It isn't very complicated:
set size square
set angles degrees
set polar
set grid polar 30
set xtics axis 0,30
set ytics axis 0,30
unset border
unset param
set xrange[-90:90]
set yrange[-90:90]
set rrange[0:360]
set trange[0:90]

set title "GPS satellite tracks"
set xlabel "Azimuth"
set ylabel "Elevation"
set terminal png size 600,600
set output "gpsazelsig.png"
plot "gpsazelsig.dat" using 1:2:3 palette notitle
But the resulting plot isn't very helpful for my original question: in which direction radio signals are obstructed. There are some obstructions in the Southwest, but they are comparable to what is in the Northeast.

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