Listening to other amateur satellites / 2014-10-17

2014-10-17 Listening to other amateur satellites
This evening I tried working amateur satellites again. There was a nice ISS pass at 18:19 UTC and this time it was very easy to aim the antenna since the ISS was still illuminated by the sun so it was a bright spot in the sky. But no astronaut responded to my CQ call, not even when I remarked "I can see you!".

I also looked up some more satellites that are one-way and this included the HO-68 amateur satellite. It transmits a CW (morse code) beacon and I tried to receive and decode it. Receiving works, but I can't decode morse by ear and fldigi tries but it doesn't look like valid HO-68 telemetry format as documented in the HO-68 page above.

Update 2014-10-22: I asked PA5ABW, a very experienced CW operator to listen to the recorded audio and he helped decode the transmission above into:
And noted the groups of three letters can also be 'shortened digits' and decode to:
BJ1SA XW XW 111 000 121 100 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 XW XW
which as a telemetry report decodes to:
 CH1 PA Output RF Switch status: 111 PA2 works (beacon only)
 CH2 Transponder working status: 000 Beacon only
 CH3 Transponder temperature:    121 = +21 degrees
 CH4 Beacon RF Output Power:     100 = 100 mW
 CH5 and further: 000
Listen to audio attachment:
MP3 media: Audio from HO-68 pass recorded at JO22nc 2014-10-17-1856utc by PD4KH (rightclick, select save-as to download)

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