Playing in a radio contest / 2015-01-11

2015-01-11 Playing in a radio contest 5 years ago
Yesterday I switched on the radio for a bit and when I responded to a PSK63 CQ I received a four-digit serial number. I assumed some contest was going on and responded with serial 1001 because some contests require 4 digit serials starting at 1001. After that I found out I was right, the UBA PSK63 Prefix Contest was going on. But we had other plans, so that was just one QSO.

Today I had some more time before 12:00 UTC to play with the radio, changed the contest macros a bit for this contest and tried making more contacts. In total I made 10 contacts so it's just a checklog for the others. But I entered it 'for real' in the 10 meter single operator category.

Contesting is more fun than I expected when I first heard about it. And contesting in digimodes has its interesting things. I made all contacts in the 10 meter band, this is becoming my favourite HF band at the moment.

Certificate PD4KH in UBA PSK63 prefix contest 2015
Certificate PD4KH in UBA PSK63 prefix contest 2015
Update 2015-02-04:
And I'm a "winner" too: in the results for the 2015 UBA PSK63 prefix contest in the category Single Operator 10 meter I am 9th worldwide, 8th for Europe and 1st for the Netherlands.
With no other participants in this category from the Netherlands that isn't too hard...

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