Upgrading a desktop system to Ubuntu 14.04 (for newer amateur radio software!) / 2015-01-26

2015-01-26 Upgrading a desktop system to Ubuntu 14.04 (for newer amateur radio software!) 5 years ago
Recently I found out I wanted the latest and greatest in some amateur radio software used on the desktop system thompson at home. So I upgraded ubuntu again. This system has run Ubuntu versions 8.04, 10.04 and 12.04, so it does show all those upgrades work!

The system crashed during do-release-upgrade which left it in a non-starting state as mountall failed and the boot stopped. Mounting filesystems by hand worked and after that I could restart the upgrades. I soon found out that although it looked like it already ran Ubuntu 14.04 almost all packages still had their 12.04 version numbers. When the apt-get dist-upgrade was running again I saw it unpack lots of packages ending at a top of over 1600 unconfigured packages. That slowly reverted to zero (with some questions) and gave me a stable booting system again.

Upgrading Gqrx software defined radio was a bit more of a hassle as I tried Gqrx snapshots before which left some conflicts in the packages. The solution was to remove all parts of gnuradio/gqrx, clean up and start over with Gqrx releases so I now have Gqrx 2.3.2 with lots of new options.

The problem seems to come from the fact that there are two gqrx packages at the moment: Installing gqrx-sdr when the qgrx repository is available confuses things.

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