Received an image from ISS / 2015-01-31

2015-01-31 Received an image from ISS 5 years ago
Image received from ISS SSTV callsign RS0ISS
Image received from ISS slow scan tv at location JO22NC 2015-01-31 starting 20:47
This chance of receiving images from ISS I took it and tried to recieve one. Not everything worked as planned: recording the audio while receiving the image with qsstv failed, someone tried to transmit on the downlink frequency to contact the ISS and the image is slanted which probably means I need to calibrate qsstv and/or the soundcard.

But, it worked! An image from the international space station!

Used equipment:
  • Tripod
  • Arrow antenna, only the 2 meter part
  • FT-857 radio
  • Gpredict software to control the radio, tuning the downlink frequency for doppler shift and help me aim the antenna
  • qsstv to decode the sstv image
  • A small camping table for battery, radio and laptop

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