Another weekend, another digimode contest... / 2015-02-22

2015-02-22 Another weekend, another digimode contest... 5 years ago
Some radio amateurs complain that there seems to be a contest every weekend. And they may have a point: yesterday I found the digimode users 'all' busy with the Russian WW PSK contest so I checked the website, adjusted the macros and joined the fun. Other activities at home also had to be done but I managed to make a total of 38 contacts on the 10 and 20 meter bands during this contest. Given the fact that I made a number of contacts on both bands I entered my log in the single-operator multi-band category.

I saw nobody from the US in this contest, mostly Russian, Eastern European and a few Dutch callsigns. Given the high serial numbers I saw fly by I will not be a winner of anything, but it was nice to participate.

My claimed score is 2398 points with 37 QSO's, 109 points and a multiplier of 22. Check the Russian WW PSK contest site for the explanation of all those.

Result: Результаты - Final results RUS-WW-PSK 2015 : SOAB-Countries : Netherlands rank 21, 32 QSO's confirmed, 94 points, multiplier 21, 1974 points. Global rank 433.

I check the PG7V contestkalender (Dutch) to see what's going on and to get an idea of the format of serial numbers.

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