Tried APRS on my way back from Apeldoorn / 2015-04-26

2015-04-26 Tried APRS on my way back from Apeldoorn 5 years ago
After I visited the Interessedag Amateursatellieten 2015 in Apeldoorn I decided to give APRS a try again.
aprs data 2015-04-25 PD4KH-7 data from
All received APRS data from PD4KH-7 on the way back from Apeldoorn
I tried APRS over a year ago and it works with APRSdroid on my tablet and the vox function of my radio.

On my drive back I wanted to try this again. Outside antenna on the window of the car, radio and tablet in a bag so the vox would work. I heard the familiair buzzsaw noises from the bag from time to time during the drive but the end result is one whole position report seen on the APRS network.

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