Upgrading the homeserver to Ubuntu 10.04 / 2015-04-26

2015-04-26 Upgrading the homeserver to Ubuntu 10.04 5 years ago
This weekend was about the last weekend that I could have access to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS for upgrading my homeserver greenblatt from Ubuntu 8.04 to Ubuntu 10.04 which will run out of support this month, making it unavailable as an upgrade path. I postponed this for way too long because I expected a lot of work fixing things, especially asterisk which runs our home phone system.

The solution to asterisk was simple: I disabled it and reprogrammed a Gigaset C450IP base to deal with our VoIP provider directly. After all the upgrading is done I'll go fix things with the OpenVox ISDN card in a test machine and when all is stable again I will move things to production.

For the rest it was a matter of typing 'do-release-upgrade' and hope for the best. Reconfiguring packages took the longest and the biggest issue was that the upgrade from Postgres 8.3 to Postgres 8.4 wasn't done automatically but I had to do this myself using the hints from How tu [sic] upgrade Postgresql 8.3 database file to 8.4 - stackoverflow.

The documentation says to do this beforehand but Postgresql 8.4 isn't available before the upgrade and it took a bit of fiddling to have Postgresql 8.3 available after the upgrade. But then pg_upgradecluster ran. It complained about a few tables and the end result I noticed was that those tables were dropped out of the upgrade completely. I re-enabled Postgresql 8.3 and migrated those databases or tables using pg_dump. Not a complete smooth upgrade but I think it went ok.

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