Another case of interference from a VGA monitor cable / 2015-06-03

2015-06-03 Another case of interference from a VGA monitor cable 5 years ago
For the joint experiment in amateur satellites last Saturday I added a second monitor to the PC so I could watch the gqrx waterfall and the fldigi waterfall at the same time. And on Sunday I noticed some weird new interference around 14.070 MHz which made decoding the PSK31 signals a lot harder. The new VGA cable near the radio was a suspect and indeed after removing it completely the problem went away again.

So if I want a working dual-screen setup, I'll have to find better video cables. Maybe DVI gives less interference. It was nice to have fldigi running PSK31 on one screen and do other things on the other screen.

The upside was that with the current versions of Linux video driver I had to do zero fiddling to make the setup work dual-screen.

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