Success with the SO-50 amateur satellite again / 2015-07-17

2015-07-17 Success with the SO-50 amateur satellite again 4 years ago
HRDLOG qsl card from MW0HCC In checking the satellite predictions for usable ISS passes this weekend I noticed a nice pass of SO-50 this evening (high enough and at a time not clashing with other things). So I decided to give it a try with the FT-857 radio and dragged everything out: radio, cat cable, audio cable, laptop, satellite antenna, headphones, power supply. And looked up how it all should work together. My last successfull satellite QSO was almost a year ago in august 2014 so the skills were a bit rusty. It was good to have an idea of the data exchanged in a typical amateur radio satellite contact.

I listened, I answered a CQ from MW0HCC and he acknowledged me on the second try and we had a full valid QSO.

Right after that happened I felt some rain so I started to stop early.. and later in the recording I heard that DL3XAC also came back to me but I missed that. Better luck next time on getting back to that callsign!

It's clear 10 watts from the FT-857 works a lot better than 5 watts from the Wouxun, and someone told me the CTCSS from the Wouxun isn't as strong as it should be either.
Listen to audio attachment:
MP3 media: SO-50 pass recorded at JO22nc by PD4KH 2015-07-17 (rightclick, select save-as to download)

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