One huge Joe-Job for Best Movers Toronto / 2015-08-28

2015-08-28 One huge Joe-Job for Best Movers Toronto 4 years ago
Over the last two weeks I received an enormous amount of spam advertising Best Movers Toronto. Hundreds of messages. Absolutely no use to me and a really bad way of advertising.

Some searching gave me the idea someone else is trying to destroy the reputation of Best Movers Toronto. Reports about the moving market around Toronto suggest scams happen regular and competition is strong, so maybe some of the scammers got annoyed.

From earlier targeted spam it is clear one of my mail addresses is flagged as 'will report spam' with some spammers, so I get targeted in these attempts to destroy the reputation of others. Best Movers Toronto spam acknowledge

I had a look at the Best Movers Toronto website a few times and they didn't acknowledge the spam campaign until today. I found this out because I now receive spam with the text of the message on the website. No, I can't imagine the company suddenly having access to the same spammer database so this must be another annoying action by the spammers.

This does show clear links between spammers and fraudsters. But that's no surprise.

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