I participated in the SCC RTTY contest / 2015-08-30

2015-08-30 I participated in the SCC RTTY contest2 years ago
This weekend I participated in the SCC RTTY championship. I did nothing special to my setup other than sitting down behind the computer and running fldigi in contest mode. Claimed scores: 33 contacts, multiplier 28 (claimed score 1876 points) in the single-operator 20 meter category.

I updated the Veron afdelingscompetitie with the latest results.

Update 2015-12-11: Final results are in and available on the SCC RTTY championship 2015 results page: PD4KH in the single operator 20m band category: 33 claimed contacts, 30 valid contacts, multiplier 26, end score 1586 points. Ranking #116 world, #77 Europe, #7 the Netherlands.

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