Planning for the UBA PSK63 contest 2016 / 2015-11-27

2015-11-27 Planning for the UBA PSK63 contest 20161 year ago
About a year ago the UBA PSK63 prefix contest 2015 was my first experience with an amateur radio contest. Since that contest I participated in a few other digimode contests and had fun. So for the next edition in January 2016 I decided to prepare and raise my score. The date is marked in the calendar!

Unless the propagation conditions improve a lot from what they are now I will mostly concentrate on the 20 meter band. After sunset the only usable band for me will be the limited part of the 40 meter band my novice license allows me. The decision whether to enter as 'single operator all band' or 'single operator 20 meter' will depend on my score on the 10 and 40 meter bands.

Before the contest I will do some preparations:
  • Improve and test the digimode contest macro definitions.
  • Solder connectors on a better coax cable (Aircell 7) to connect the outside endfed antenna to the radio. The Aircell 7 should improve signals somewhat compared to the current RG-58.

Update 2015-12-06: Some time this weekend to work on the contest macros. The 'upside' of the higher HF bands being closed (no propagation) is that I can test my macros without bothering anyone outside the groundwave propagation area.

Update 2015-12-08: And time to connect and solder the weatherproof PL259 connectors on the Aircell 7 cable since I had some solder work to do anyway. Some pictures:
Working on the Aircell-7 cable soldering weatherproof PL259 connectors
Working on the Aircell-7 cable soldering weatherproof PL259 connectors
Aircell-7 cable done
Aircell-7 cable done

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