I participated in the UBA PSK63 Prefix Contest 2016 / 2016-01-12

2016-01-12 I participated in the UBA PSK63 Prefix Contest 2016
So I recovered the complete logs for the UBA PSK63 Prefix Contest 2016 and generated a cabrillo export for entering in the contest.

The planning and preparing for this contest helped, macro's worked as planned. The negative side was that the ionospheric propagation dropped sharply after sunset which closed the 20 meter band. I switched to the 40 meter band but almost all activity was below 7.050 MHz, where I am not allowed to transmit. After sunrise and a good breakfast on Sunday morning I worked some more on the score and improved things.

The results: 94 contacts (QSO's) in total, 87 on the 20 meter band and 7 on the 40 meter band. I decided to enter in the single operator 20 meter category since I expect my score to end relatively higher in that category compared to the single operator all band category. Claimed score: 87 qso's * 67 unique prefixes = 5829 points. Looking at the previous years scores that would put me at the 15th spot for single operator 20 meter.

My soapbox comments:
SOAPBOX: Entered as SO20 because almost all 40M activity was outside my
SOAPBOX: allowed band segment (Dutch novice starts at 7.050 MHz)
SOAPBOX: Propagation dropped fast after sunset
SOAPBOX: Something hickupped in my outgoing serial counter

Update: The UBA PSK63 Prefix Contest 2016 logs received overview has me listed with claimed score 6956 which means they included my 7 contacts on the 40 meter band in the calculation. I hope they correct this in the real score calculation.

Update 2016-03-31: The results are in: 85 qso's accepted * 66 unique prefixes = 5610 points. In the 20th spot at UBA PSK63 prefix contest results SO20 Single Operator 20 Meter band. At number 2 for my country (PD2PKM made a lot more contacts) and at number 19 for Europe. No certificate this year. Looking at the results for Single Operator All Band the choice to enter in the 20 meter category was a good one.

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