Some interesting recent 'firsts' in amateur radio recently / 2016-02-07

2016-02-07 Some interesting recent 'firsts' in amateur radio recently
I had a day with for me special contacts recently. First with UT1FG/MM, Yuri who is a captain on a freight ship and crosses the ocean with some spare time to make amateur satellite and HF contacts. I had a contact with him while his ship was nearing Gibraltar from the Atlantic Ocean, which is my first 'sea' gridsquare. I hope to contact him again via satellite or HF!

Second with 7X3WPL, Sahara DX Amateur Radio Club. I have seen them a lot, tried to answer them every time (I was trying to reach them when I made a contact with Indonesia) and this time it worked.

And a contact on 20 meter PSK31 at 22:57 localtime with IK0OEF Claudio in Italy, way past sundown. I am used to propagation on 20 meter dropping when the sun sets so this was quite remarkable.

And a few days later a contact with 9H1KR on the island of Malta, also a new country for me.

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