New laptop with amateur radio software / 2016-03-04

2016-03-04 New laptop with amateur radio software 4 years ago
I recently bought a new laptop for home use. The old Dell Latitude D630 was falling apart so it was time for a new one. A linux installation has been done and it's currently Ubuntu 14.04 (with xfce as window manager).

For future plans I want 'all' amateur radio software I use to work on it. So I tested a bit, with:
  • rigctld to control the FT-857 radio
  • display of the radio status with Grig grig -m 2 -r
  • audio coupling with the FT-857 radio with recording in audacity
  • control of the receive and sending frequency with gpredict for tracking amateur satellites
So I'm ready to track and record amateur satellite contacts and do other amateur radio stuff on the new laptop.

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