New callsign: PE4KH / 2016-03-09

2016-03-09 New callsign: PE4KH 3 years ago
PE4KH license plate I was quite impatient and checked the amateur callsign registration site of the Agentschap Telecom daily and it just showed that I did the full exam and I was able to register the callsign PE4KH.

Since you can only have one personal callsign, this means PD4KH has been withdrawn.

Time to start updating it in a lot of places!

And it's a long list:
  • is now operational and things start to work. And now tells things have changed. Articles still need to be moved/updated so some links are broken.
  • My radio club knows
  • The Dutch QSL bureau knows
  • PE4KH at has been created with a callsign change request via qrz support. After that I had to log out and log in to see the changes and had to fix all the image links in the biography page. I also added PD4KH as a managed callsign under my account so the old page keeps working.
  • I requested a callsign change at Logbook of The World and requested a certificate for the new callsign (signed with the certificate for the old callsign). I now have the new callsign certificate. And the account is updated.
  • I created an 'attached account' at eQSL for PE4KH which works fine. eQSL even assigned me 'Authenticity guaranteed' status before I did anything.
Now all I need to do is make an actual contact with the new callsign!

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