Using my new access to the airwaves: Spanish PSK63 Contest / 2016-03-13 - Koos van den Hout

2016-03-13 1 year ago
EA PSK63 contest 2016 My new radio amateur license allows me access to more frequencies. As I remarked about the UBA PSK63 contest in January 2016 most 40 meter digital mode activity was at 7.040 MHz where I had no access with my Novice license. Now I have a Full license I have access to that frequency. The upside of being able to make digital mode contacts on 40 meter is that this radio band allows distance contacts after sunset where the 20 meter band (14 MHz) usually does not allow that when it is completely dark in the winter.

This weekend I participated in the Spanish PSK 63 contest (EA PSK contest) and I started Saturday evening. At that time the propagation of radio signals was gone on the 20 meter band so I started in the 40 meter band at 7.040 MHz and up and made quite a number of contacts there. I continued Sunday morning on 40 meter and made a total of 60 contacts.

A nice result for a contest where I started unprepared, the only thing I did was hang the 10/20/40 meter endfed antenna outside as part of my radio activities Friday evening and I left it out for the weekend.

Update 2016-04-02: The raw scores of the EA PSK63 contest are already available and show me with 3008 points claimed at rank 33 in the Single Operator 40m DX (SINGLE-OP 40M DX) category before checking logs.

Update 2016-04-22: And the final results of the EA PSK63 contest are published: I'm ranked 31st in the Single Operator 40m DX (SINGLE-OP 40M DX) category. No errors in the logs!

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