I participated in the EA RTTY contest 2016 / 2016-04-03

2016-04-03 I participated in the EA RTTY contest 2016 3 years ago
This weekend I had a few hours to participate in the EA RTTY contest 2016. Propagation was mostly bad and I had a hard time decoding signals. There were some good moments, for example I did work YB6HAI from Indonesia again. His antenna park looks quite impressive too which helps. I switched a few times between the 20 and 40 meter band trying to find propagation and new callsigns to contact.

The end result was 76 QSO's (contacts) and the last one was in the last minute of the contest, logged at 15:59 UTC.

I already recieved the raw results from the EA PSK63 contest I participated in a few weeks ago which are presented in a very nice format on the contest website showing the buildup of the score.

Update 2016-04-29: Preliminary results are: 73 contacts accepted (2 not in the other log and 1 with the exchange incorrect).

Update 2016-05-11: End result via EARTTY Contest 2016 results: 73 valid contacts, 117 points, 49 multiplier, 5733 total. Rank 194 in the 'SINGLE-OP ALL LOW DX' category: single operator, all bands, low power (100 watts or below), and DX = outside Spain.

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