Working two hours in glabels to save me from one hour of QSL card writing / 2016-06-26 - Koos van den Hout

2016-06-26 8 months ago
The new and improved QSL card workflow I thought about in April has come true. In the mean time I bought printer labels and this evening I took my time to work through the last (at the moment..) outgoing QSL cards for PD4KH and printed labels for them.

Creating outgoing QSL cards with printer labels - KvdHout on flickr
Creating outgoing QSL cards with printer labels
Labels affixed to outgoing QSL cards and signed - KvdHout on flickr
Labels affixed to outgoing QSL cards and signed
In the end it saves me from having a cramp in my hand from QSL card writing, but it took me a lot of print previews to get the design just right. And after printing I saw I still have not found a font with a slashed zero in it.

I still sign the cards with my name by hand, but that's a lot less work.

Things learned:
  • Changing the exported fields in CQRLOG changed the field numbers in the CSV.
  • CQRLOG export csv files have no newline at the end. I combined two selections (send via bureau and send via manager via bureau) and it took me a while to note one QSL missing.
  • CQRLOG default is to export just the band. I like having the frequency on my cards.
  • Fiels exported: Date, time on, Callsign, Freq, RST Sent, QSL manager, Comment, QSL PSE/TNX

Update 2016-06-27: A bit of searching found me A Slashed-Zero Droid Sans Mono - Downloaded the zip file, unpacked DroidSansMonoSlashed.ttf in /usr/share/fonts/truetype/droid and it was available to glabels instantly.

And I printed the first labels outgoing QSL cards for PE4KH and now this new workflow is saving me time. I decided to keep using my 'old' PD4KH cards with a small label updating the callsign. Now I am actually saving time!

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