Upcoming SCC RTTY contest / 2016-08-23

2016-08-23 Upcoming SCC RTTY contest 3 years ago
I am planning to participate in the SCC RTTY contest 2016. I participated in the SCC RTTY contest 2015 as PD4KH within the limits of my novice amateur call. It depends on the local noise levels whether I will end up in the single operator 20 meter, single operator 40 meter or single operator all band low power.

Update: I participated Saturday afternoon, a bit Saturday evening but had to stop due to thunderstorms and a bit Sunday morning. I logged 104 contacts which is a new personal record in a weekend digimode contest for me. One new country in the log: Argentina. The 'tactical' choice for me was to enter as single operator 20 meter. I made no contacts on 40 meter due to local noise.

Update 2016-09-08: Claimed score is 10700: 104 contacts giving 214 points, multiplier 50, 10700 points. After log checking this will probably change.

Update 2016-10-15: Final score is 10500: 102 valid contacts giving 210 points, multiplier 50, 10500 points. Ranked #67 in the single operator 20 meter category worldwide, ranked #50 for Europe and ranked #4 for the Netherlands.

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