APRS on the Raspberry Pi: trying to decode APRS packets / 2017-01-20

2017-01-20 APRS on the Raspberry Pi: trying to decode APRS packets
So the mobilinkd is now connected to serial over bluetooth on the Raspberry Pi, but now to get APRS data into aprx.

So far aprx does start but I see absolutely no data coming in, even when aprsdroid will see traffic. Something strange.
koos@joy:~ $ sudo aprx -v
2017-01-20 22:05:10.593 aprx start - 2.9.0
2017-01-20 22:05:10.594 TTY /dev/rfcomm0 opened
2017-01-20 22:05:20.624 CONNECT APRSIS aprsc.pa4tw.nl:14580
2017-01-20 22:18:06.115 aprx ending (SIG 2) - 2.9.0
2017-01-20 22:18:06.116 aprx ending (SIG 2) - 2.9.0
It's a good thing aprsc.pa4tw.nl has an IPv6 address as this Raspberry Pi is only configured for IPv6.

Testing with minicom on /dev/rfcomm0 does show the startup messages from the mobilinkd but absolutely no APRS data in KISS format,,,
== BeRTOS AVR/Mobilinkd TNC2
== Version
== Voltage: 4019mV
== Starting.
Switching the mobilinkd between the Raspberry Pi and the smartphone with aprsdroid does seem to confuse something, it's not always showing data in aprsdroid either.

Installing the Linux ax25-tools and using kissattach and configuring aprx to use that interface doesn't help either.

Back to the KISS over serial port over bluetooth config I changed the setting 'bluetooth tracking' on the mobilinkd, which is advised for digipeater setups. And now I am seeing something:
koos@joy:~ $ sudo aprx -v
2017-01-20 23:12:17.568 aprx start - 2.9.0
2017-01-20 23:12:17.569 TTY /dev/rfcomm0 opened
9621    PE4KH-8   R     DB0NY>APZ17,DB0KX-2*,PE0FK-10*,PI1SHB*,PA7J-2*,WIDE2*,PI1APU*,LOCAL:!5103.84N/00736.63E#www.g07.de
2017-01-20 23:12:30.378 CONNECT APRSIS aprsc.pa4tw.nl:14580
9728    PE4KH-8   R     PI1APU>APND13:>W3,NL7      PAradigm    operation!
9831    PE4KH-8   R     PA3BXR-9>UQ5QW1,PA7J-2*,WIDE1*,PI1APU*,WIDE2-1:`zDKnA8>/]"3m}431.275MHz=
9867    PE4KH-8   R     PI1SHB>APRX29,PI1APU*,WIDE2-1:!5142.02N/00520.78E#PHG3460/2m Digi/IGate 's-Hertogenbosch
9934    PE4KH-8   R     PA5JB>APU25N,PE2KDK*,PI1APU*,WIDE2*:>202317zDX: PI1SHB 51.42.02N 5.20.78E 76.3km 133 23:13
9942    PE4KH-8   R     PI1DFT>APMI01,PI1SHB*,PI1APU*,WIDE2*:@202317z5159.70N/00420.17E#WX3IN1 Digipeater 2 mtr. pi1dft ziggo.nl
10007   PE4KH-8   R     PI1APV-2>APMI04,PI1DFT*,PA7J-2*,WIDE1*,PI1APU*,LOCAL:@202318z5130.81N/00344.00EI digi vliegveld MIDDEN ZEELAND
10018   PE4KH-8   R     DB0OTV-2>APOT21,DB0KX-2*,PE0FK-10*,PI1SHB*,PI1APU*,WIDE2*:>FILL IN DIGI + D-Star + C4FM QRG = 439,500 MHz -7,6 MHz
10122   PE4KH-8   R     PE9R>APX204,PI1APU*,WIDE2-1:=5202.5 N/00439.0 E-PHG2290QRV PI6NOS/ PI2NOS
10175   PE4KH-8   R     PA7J-2>APMI01,PI1APU*,WIDE2*:@210000z5149.68N/00450.43E-WX3IN1 PA7J Digi & I-gate Hardinxveld
10209   PE4KH-8   R     PD0JAC-10>UQ4XS8,PI1SHB*,PI1APU*,WIDE2-1:`{Mym>5#/>"4/}=
10227   PE4KH-8   R     PA3BI-10>APRS,PI1DFT*,WIDE1*,PA7J-2*,WIDE2*,PI1APU*,LOCAL:!5214.65N/00426.30E-000/000www.isemann.nl/A=000696
10277   PE4KH-8   R     PI1APV-2>APMI04,PI1DFT*,PA7J-2*,WIDE2*,PI1APU*,LOCAL::PI1APV-2 :BITS.11111111,Telemetry
10316   PE4KH-8   R     PI1SHB>APRX29,PI1APU*,WIDE2-1:!5142.02N/00520.78E#PHG3460/2m Digi/IGate 's-Hertogenbosch
And the results are showing up via the aprsc dashboard on aprsc.pa4tw.nl. Almost all packets I receive and forward are rejected as duplicate packets, but I have seen some packets accepted. So I guess I'm not really needed as an I-gate.

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