I participated in the EU PSK DX Contest 2018 / 2018-05-20

2018-05-20 I participated in the EU PSK DX Contest 2018 2 years ago
This weekend I had some time to participate in the EU PSK DX Contest. Conditions did not cooperate very well. First I thought local qrm was making me hear only the loudest stations but comparing it to the Utwente websdr I was hearing about 'everything'.
Total number of QSO in your log is 41, Including 0 QSO with errors, Valid QSO - 41
Band  QSOs Dupes Points Mults
160      0     0      0     0
80       0     0      0     0
40      28     0     56    39
20      13     0     25    21
15       0     0      0     0
10       0     0      0     0
Total   41     0     81    60
Claimed score is 4860 points

Update: The interesting thing is I can't find any definitive results of earlier years. There are claimed results here: EU PSK DX Contest Results but no definitive results. Not via e-mail and not on the European PSK Club website.

And as an aside, I found S55W in EU PSK DX Contest 2017. This is a serious contest station getting a claimed result of 534 contacts with 13 operators while I got 57 contacts on my own in 2017. I guess I don't score too bad for the station I have and the amount of time I am active in the contest.

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