I participated in the BARTG Sprint75 contest 2019 / 2019-04-29

2019-04-29 I participated in the BARTG Sprint75 contest 2019 1 year ago
I participated in the British amateur radio teledata group RTTY Sprint75 contest 2019. The special thing with the 75 is that this is 75baud RTTY and not the normal 45baud RTTY.

This is a relatively short contest (4 hours) on a Sunday evening and I did not participate in the contest the whole time, I also watched some television with my family. All a matter of priorities.

I made 27 contacts on the 20 and 40 meter bands. Since I now have an RF power meter I was able to make sure my output power was right below 100 watts so I could enter in the '100 watts' category and not 'high power'.

Update: Results came in and I made some errors in logging: 3 contacts were in the log without a serial number. I could have seen that on verifying my own log.

In the BARTG Contest Results BARTG 75 Sprint Contest 2019 I ended at position 34 in the 'Single Operator All Band 100 Watt' category.

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