Getting the DSL linespeed with both current and attainable speed from the Fritz!Box 7360/7590 / 2020-11-28

2020-11-28 Getting the DSL linespeed with both current and attainable speed from the Fritz!Box 7360/7590
I noticed I documented my original script to fetch the upstream and downstream DSL speed from the Fritz!Box 7360 but never documented the additional steps I took later to add the attainable upstream and downstream speeds to the current upstream and downstream speeds.

After switching to the Fritz!Box 7590 I missed my VDSL statistics so I dug up the scripts I had for the 7360 and tested whether they still work. And yes they do, so no changes there. The complete script:
#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;

my ($fritzuser,$fritzpass);


system("wget --user=$fritzuser --password=$fritzpass --post-file=wanifcfgrequest.xml --header=\"Content-Type: text/xml\" --header=\"SOAPAction: \\\"urn:dslforum-org:service:WANDSLInterfaceConfig:1#GetInfo\\\"\" --no-check-certificate -O wanifcfganswer.xml -o getfritz.log");

        if (/(\d+)<\/NewUpstreamMaxRate>/){
                $upstream = $1;
        if (/(\d+)<\/NewDownstreamMaxRate>/){
                $downstream = $1;
        if (/(\d+)<\/NewUpstreamCurrRate>/){
                $upstreamcur = $1;
        if (/(\d+)<\/NewDownstreamCurrRate>/){
                $downstreamcur = $1;

if (defined $upstream and defined $downstream){
        my $line=sprintf("N:%d:%d:%d:%d",$downstream*1000,$upstream*1000,$downstreamcur*1000,$upstreamcur*1000);
        print $line."\n";
This does need the wanifcfgrequest.xml file:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <u:GetInfo xmlns:u="urn:dslforum-org:service:WANDSLInterfaceConfig1">
And I get a usable wanifcfganswer.xml:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
 <s:Envelope xmlns:s="" s:encodingStyle="">
<u:GetInfoResponse xmlns:u="urn:dslforum-org:service:WANDSLInterfaceConfig:1">
This works without any change both on the Fritz!Box 7360 and the Fritz!Box 7590.

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