The planet demolisher / 2001-09-06

2001-09-06 The planet demolisher 17 years ago
This is my irregular writing, just because I sometimes like to
write down something. It might be about work, it might be about
something that happens to me or something I observe. The language
may be Enlish or Dutch depending on what I feel like and what the
audience may be.

I like to watch cartoons. A few years ago I got a steady diet of
cartoons on Cartoon Network, including a lot of Dexter's lab and
Cow & Chicken. TV schedules changed, my interests changed so I
don't watch them as much as I used to. (Depending on who you ask
this may be a healthy development :)

In one Cow & Chicken cartoon is a big machine which is for as far
as I can recall named a 'planet demolisher'. It grinds down entire
trees into small chips of wood with a high speed. Chicken drives
it around in the cartoon since he thinks he saves everyone from a
horrible fate, demolishes the surroundings of the school. The result
is that Chicken is grounded for the rest of his life and finds out
the big machine was busy for the swimming pool of the school.

This 'planet demolisher' seems to be a product of the deranged minds
of the cartoon writers.

But, a few days ago I got this feeling of truth being stranger then
fiction (isn't it always) when I saw a big machine behind the
Galgenwaard soccer stadium chipping the remains of the trees that
were there. Quite big trees were picked up and fed into a large
woodchipping installation that had no trouble at all grinding down
those trees. I watched for a while to see whether any of the larger
trees could stall the machine but it ate through everything (the
operator probably knew very well what he was doing).

A few days later I saw an even bigger version of that machine that
delt with the trunks of the tree. With no problem those got grinded
to little woodchips too.

So, the conclusion seems to be that truth is stranger then fiction,
even with cartoon fiction.


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