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2011-11-06 (#)
Scanned DVB-T and '35 cm pirates' at the same time: no new results on either band. I tried the log-periodical antenna I built myself in horizontal polarisation, just a very faint signal in the wireless headset part of the TV channel in westerly direction but no radio stations.

When you look at the antennas in use like the ones show on the MayhemFM! website, it is imaginable I am not simply going to receive something unless a transmitter in the same region gets active.

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2011-10-30 (#)
I scanned digitenne dvb-t services and noticed something in the w_scan output:
        service = SkyRadio 101 FM (Digitenne)
Sky Radio really wants the FM broadcast allocation to be part of their brand. But if they wanted to be correct on Digitenne it would be:
SkyRadio transport stream 2305 frequency 818 MHz service 113 (0x71), PMT
0x46a, audiopid 1162.
.. but it wouldn't sound the same. Can't find the 'logical channel number' at the moment (the number a receiver listening to Digitenne would give the service).

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2011-08-23 (#)
It's too tempting not to try it when William Hepburn's Worldwide Tropospheric Ducting Forecasts for Northwest Europe show interesting conditions: going to the top floor of the house and doing a DVB-T service scan. But no real 'DX' reception. At the same time I let the DAB+ receiver do a service scan and it found the T-DMB / DAB service on 216.93 MHz (VHF broadcast 11A) from Hilversum. The only working service (for me) is the 3FM radio station: The pure one mini receiver has no DMB support at the moment and points me at Where I don't see the option to buy the DMB license code.

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2011-07-28 (#)
RTV Drenthe logo screen capture 2011-07-27 DVB-T service scan today, with an interesting service showing up:
tune to: QAM_AUTO f = 570000 kHz I999B8C999D999T999G999Y999 
(time: 10:52) set_frontend: using DVB API 5.1
>>> tuning status == 0x0f
>>> tuning status == 0x1f
SDT (actual TS)
        service = Nickelodeon/TeenNick (Digitenne)
        service = 13th Street (Digitenne)
        service = SLAM!TV (Digitenne)
        service = TV Drenthe  tijdelijk (Digitenne)
        service = BBC Radio 1 (Digitenne)
        service = BBC Radio 2 (Digitenne)
        service = BBC Radio 3 (Digitenne)
        service = BBC Radio 4 (Digitenne)
Due to the recent transmitter tower collapse in Hoogersmilde RTV Drenthe is currently available FTA in the entire country on Digitenne. So I was able to make a screengrab.

One interesting side-effect was mentioned on the tx-list: RTV Drenthe was received in South-east London on 586Mhz (channel 35) on Thursday, over 300 kilometer from the intended service area. This is due to the signals from the Goes transmitter making it over the water.

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2011-07-14 (#)
Just did a dvb-t services scan and I even found a new (to me) service: the new multiplex at 570 MHz, logged in DVB-T reception log for 20110714. I have received the DVB-H KPN Mobiel TV service on that frequency before so it is not a surprise, but seeing this multiplex on this frequency still counts as 'new'.

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2011-06-19 (#)
Interesting: someone who mailed me about my dvb experiments and noted a frequency picked up by the scanning program which I didn't recognize as a valid multiplex: 714 MHz, 2/3 fec, 1/16 guard interval. That's odd, that frequency isn't in use in the Netherlands and no multiplex runs on 1/16 guard interval.

When I have a look at the details for Digitenne at DTV Monitor and I open the network information table in transport stream 2211 or 2212 I see a listing for a transport stream 12 with indeed guard interval 1/16 and 2/3 fec. Weird. Yet another multiplex in the planning or a glitch? But a glitch showing up on multiple transport streams in multiple locations is more like 'planned'.

To make sure I checked the Network Information Table in Mux 1 at home myself, with dvbsnoop for pid 0x10. Indeed, a description of transport stream 12 with 5 television services flies by:
    Transport_stream_ID: 12 (0x000c)
    Original_network_ID: 8720 (0x2210)  [= Netherlands Digital Terrestrial Television | Nozema]
    reserved_1: 15 (0x0f)
    Transport_descriptor_length: 52 (0x0034)

            DVB-DescriptorTag: 65 (0x41)  [= service_list_descriptor]
            descriptor_length: 15 (0x0f)
               service_ID: 1201 (0x04b1)[ --> refers to PMT program_number]
               service_type: 1 (0x01)  [= digital television service]

               service_ID: 1202 (0x04b2)[ --> refers to PMT program_number]
               service_type: 1 (0x01)  [= digital television service]

               service_ID: 1203 (0x04b3)[ --> refers to PMT program_number]
               service_type: 1 (0x01)  [= digital television service]

               service_ID: 1205 (0x04b5)[ --> refers to PMT program_number]
               service_type: 1 (0x01)  [= digital television service]

               service_ID: 1206 (0x04b6)[ --> refers to PMT program_number]
               service_type: 1 (0x01)  [= digital television service]

            DVB-DescriptorTag: 90 (0x5a)  [= terrestrial_delivery_system_descriptor]
            descriptor_length: 11 (0x0b)
            Center frequency: 0x04417a40 (= 714000.000 kHz)
            Bandwidth: 0 (0x00)  [= 8 MHz]
            priority: 1 (0x01)  [= HP (high priority) or Non-hierarch.]
            Time_Slicing_indicator: 1 (0x01)  [= Time Slicing is not used.)]
            MPE-FEC_indicator: 1 (0x01)  [= MPE-FEC is not used.)]
            reserved_1: 3 (0x03)
            Constellation: 2 (0x02)  [= 64-QAM]
            Hierarchy information: 0 (0x00)  [= non-hierarchical (native interleaver)]
            Code_rate_HP_stream: 1 (0x01)  [= 2/3]
            Code_rate_LP_stream: 0 (0x00)  [= 1/2]
            Guard_interval: 1 (0x01)  [= 1/16]
            Transmission_mode: 1 (0x01)  [= 8k mode]
            Other_frequency_flag: 0 (0x00)
            reserved_2: 4294967295 (0xffffffff)

            DVB-DescriptorTag: 131 (0x83)  [= User defined/ATSC reserved]
            descriptor_length: 20 (0x14)
                 0000:  04 b1 fd f5 04 b2 fd f6  04 b3 fd f7 04 b5 fd f8   ................
                 0010:  04 b6 fd f9                                        ....

So an extra transport stream with 5 video services is announced, but not in use. Future plans? A reservation? Something left over from a test?

Note: dvbsnoop does not decode the Logical Channel Descriptor (0x83) at the end of the network information table. According to dtv monitor, services 1201 - 1205 are to be on logical channels 501 - 505.

Kudos to the person who noticed his scanning program searching on an unused frequency.

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2011-05-31 (#)
Exit KPN mobiel tv / dvb-h in the Netherlands: I just did a dvb-t services scan and nothing is active on the frequencies the DVB-H service used. DVB-T reception log for 20110531. I expect the new multiplex to come up overnight.

Update 2011-06-01: Indeed, in the DVB-T reception log for 20110601 the old DVB-H frequency (522 MHz) is reused for the new multiplex. But a serious shuffle of services has happened too: the new multiplex lists:
SDT (actual TS)
        service = Nickelodeon/TeenNick (Digitenne)
        service = 13th Street (Digitenne)
        service = SLAM!TV (Digitenne)
        service = iTV Promo (Digitenne)
        service = BBC Radio 1 (Digitenne)
        service = BBC Radio 2 (Digitenne)
        service = BBC Radio 3 (Digitenne)
        service = BBC Radio 4 (Digitenne)
BBC One and BBC Two have been put in another multiplex:
SDT (actual TS)
        service = Eredivisie Live 1 (Digitenne)
        service = Eredivisie 2/AT5 (Digitenne)
        service = BBC One (Digitenne)
        service = MTV (Digitenne)
        service = Animal Planet (Digitenne)
        service = CNN (Digitenne)
        service = BBC Two (Digitenne)
        service = National Geographic (Digitenne)
        service = BNR Nieuwsradio (Digitenne)
        service = Arrow Classic Rock (Digitenne)
        service = Radio 538 (Digitenne)
        service = SSU 1 (Digitenne)
        service = SSU 2 (Digitenne)
Or should I say 'crammed' : that's 8 tv services, 3 radio services and 2 data services in a QAM64 multiplex. I'll try to do measurements of the actual bitrates within the multiplex, but it can't be a lot per service.

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2011-05-26 (#)
I did a dvb-t services scan today to get a feel for the situation before the upcoming change with KPN mobile TV (DVB-H) disappearing and Digitenne starting a new multiplex. The DVB-T reception log for 20110526 still shows the current situation with KPN DVB-H active.

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2011-05-07 (#)
Mijn werkgever besloot dat 6 mei ook een vrije dag zou zijn. Ik heb eens de kans genomen om een fietstochtje te maken langs een aantal zendlocaties in de stad Utrecht om eens foto's te maken. Een van de locaties gaat vervangen worden: er is een paar honderd meter van de DVB-T zender op de Burgemeester Fokkema Andrealaan een nieuwe DVB-T zender gebouwd op een net iets hoger gebouw. Dus daar moest ik 'op tijd' langs. En gelijk de nieuwe locatie fotograferen en een AM-zender in de buurt. Alleen is op de wikipedia pagina over Radio Paradijs (Utrecht) op dit anders weergegeven. Ik geef het antenneregister gelijk en heb dit maar eens op de overlegpagina neergezet.

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2011-05-05 (#)
This morning I zapped to NDR, the German regional TV for North-Eastern Germany. I saw an announcement that on 30-04-2012 analog satellite TV distribution of german channels will be switched off which I think is part of a complete shut-off of the last analog satellite TV.

My main surprise was that it still existed, transponders filled with one analog channel and audio-carriers. But browsing for example Astra 1H/1KR/1L/1M at 19.2°E at LyngSat shows several German PAL transponders still up and running.

So analog terrestrial TV has ended in Germany, but analog satellite TV is still up and running. Unexpected, to me.

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