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2008-10-31 (#) 11 years ago
My favourite waste of time is back on-line:
bash button

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2006-04-04 (#) 14 years ago
Several times I received e-mails asking for links on this site to sites with sex toys (all people with websites get link requests probably, I just get weird ones). But, sofar, nobody told me what page exactly made them request a link. And when I asked in reply which page made them ask for that link they went 'uh.. link to us from any page!' which was not a usable answer. This weekend I got a request that was specific enough, they wanted a link from the Friday afternoon link page to their webstore. Just a webstore, not a real good Friday afternoon page. Ehm. No.

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2005-12-05 (#) 14 years ago
RIAA Bans Telling Friends About Songs
The Recording Industry Association of America announced Tuesday that it will be taking legal action against anyone discovered telling friends, acquaintances, or associates about new songs, artists, or albums.
No more enthusiast reviews, before you know it you have to explain them to the police.

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2005-11-21 (#) 14 years ago
From the it might be obvious, but we'll spell it out for you anyway department: the Disclaimer for Nelson Rocks Preserve. More nature areas should have a sign like this.

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2005-06-28 (#) 15 years ago
You may be a child of the eighties if . . . . .. contains too many things that sound familiair. A Dutch version might even be scarier.

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2005-04-19 (#) 15 years ago
Ch7 Australia off-air due to multiple system failures. Funny thing is that people kept watching the blank screen and did not switch to a different channel. Source: comp.risks newsgroup.

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2005-03-18 (#) 15 years ago
"A Swiss hygiene inspector calls" .. great reading. Makes cleaning up a rented apartment for holidays sound like a piece of cake. Oh, and (time_t) 1111111111 has passed.

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2005-03-17 (#) 15 years ago
Found a manual How to destroy the earth. This won't happen as easy (or fast) as some of the enviromentalists want us to think. Via Schneier on Security blog.

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2005-01-10 (#) 15 years ago
Found Recommended.

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2003-10-10 (#) 16 years ago
The Friday Afternoon URL page has been enhanced with a linkchecker.

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2003-04-03 (#) 17 years ago
Write-up of our April 1st joke: the helpdesk autoreply AI bot.. using the bofh excuses.

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2002-07-24 (#) 17 years ago
Debian has released Debian 3.0 (woody) as stable version. Now make all the jokes about 'giving a woody'.

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2002-03-21 (#) 18 years ago
The lyrics to the International friendship song aren't available online but I'll sing it anyway for national and international friends.

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2001-08-24 (#) 18 years ago
I started collecting Friday Afternoon URLs (vrijdagmiddagurls) so you can all enjoy them!

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2001-05-22 (#) 19 years ago
Belgium doesn't exist.

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2001-05-05 (#) 19 years ago
Peace man!

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2001-01-18 (#) 19 years ago
Fun for all the family, have a sing-along with The Internet Songbook. Bring earplugs for the rest of the family.

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2001-01-10 (#) 19 years ago
Gevonden in de archieven, leven na de hip

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2000-12-14 (#) 19 years ago
Huhhuh, he said election

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