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2011-05-22 (#) 9 years ago
Tomtit feeding young
Tomtit feeding young.
Curious tomtit young
Curious tomtit young.
Hungry tomtit young
A very hungry tomtit young ready to get fed.
Some pictures I took in the backyard of the nest with tomtits. I felt very lucky for even getting the one of the feeding.

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2011-05-10 (#) 9 years ago
Tomtit taking off
Tomtit taking off
Sometimes interesting nature comes right to your backyard.

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2009-12-21 (#) 10 years ago
Winter picture time:
Sparrow visiting the birdfeeder
Sparrow visiting the birdfeeder

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2009-12-15 (#) 10 years ago
We hung up a bird-feeder in the backyard last weekend and it is now very popular since it got cold the last few days, making for a few nice pictures this morning. They look a lot better at full size.
Sparrow in the backyard
Sparrow in the backyard
Sparrow in the backyard
Sparrow in the backyard

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2009-08-26 (#) 11 years ago
This evening I decided to not stay indoors but to work in the garden a bit. The hazel tree (Nederlands: Hazelaar) needed some serious pruning as it grew a lot last spring. Using the saw I removed a number of 3 meter long branches. I had to stop because it became to dark to work but there still is some work left on the hazel tree. One branch was straight and long enough to keep it for my father-in-law. The rest will be sawed into pieces that fit the boxes we store the wood for burning in.

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2009-04-15 (#) 11 years ago
Spring in the garden: the birds are quite busy and eat lots of seeds. My guess is they are more hungry now (time to build their nests) than in winter time. Everything is green and coming alive. Yesterday evening I could sit outside for a while.

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2009-03-07 (#) 11 years ago
Some long-planned garden work today: I pruned the apple tree. Having the tree almost lose branches under the weight of the apples last year and having part of the apples hanging way to high made me decide to seriously prune it before spring really starts. Quite some work. I hope the tree will do better this year. And we have a bigger load of firewood now. I hope this summer will have some evenings to deal with the previous load of firewood.

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2008-07-29 (#) 12 years ago
The apple tree in our back garden is so loaded with apples the branches are bending under the weight. Not breaking (yet). Looks like a lot of apples will be available in a few weeks.
The apple-tree in our garden heavy with apples.

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2008-03-26 (#) 12 years ago
no solar power
no solar power
Picture I took yesterday morning in the back garden.

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2007-12-31 (#) 12 years ago
We recently hung up some bird food in the back garden (way out of reach of the cats!) and it is funny to see little birds visit in the morning and the afternoon. This morning I took time to set up the camera and await interesting results. The wait (and cold) was worth it:
Bluetit in the garden feeding (looks a lot better in full-size)

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2007-11-25 (#) 12 years ago
Caught the cat who lives across from the back of our house on camera recently: Achterbuurkat 1 foto Achterbuurkat 2.

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2007-11-07 (#) 12 years ago
It is a coming and going of birds in our garden at the moment (resulting in a lot of comments from the cats).
img_5765 Sparrow in our backyard
Photographing them is hard as they move around a lot.

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2007-08-04 (#) 13 years ago
At home, in the garden, with barbecue weather I notice an ad-hoc network in the wireless networks lists with ssid AMD_IBSS and regularly changing channel and mac address. Anybody got any idea what this is? In other wireless at home news: the neighbourhood has no unsecured wireless networks left, and WEP is a minority.

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2007-06-12 (#) 13 years ago
Some pictures from the feeding of the blackbirds in our garden:
img_5023 Blackbird with food on our lawnchair, ready to deliver it to the nest
img_5032 Blackbird in the entrance to the nest
all gardenlife now has a set gardenlife.

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2007-06-05 (#) 13 years ago
Two dead young blackbirds in our garden today. I'm not sure what happened, the best guess is that the cats got them in their first flying lesson.

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2007-05-26 (#) 13 years ago
Blackbird with food
I got a picture of the blackbird after a lot of waiting with the camera standby.

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2007-05-23 (#) 13 years ago
The blackbird nest in our backyard is occupied again. Two blackbirds are flying in and out of the place I saw the nest. We were gone for a couple of days, I guess they thought the garden was safe enough. Today we had lunch in the garden and one of the blackbirds was a bit irritated at us sitting in our own garden! ;)

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2007-05-06 (#) 13 years ago
Birds are very active in our back yard. First I saw blackbirds active and thought they might be building a nest. Indeed they were, but when they found out people walk really close to that nest they abandoned it again.
Blackbird nest hidden in our garden
Today I saw sparrows on chimneys all trying to defend their territory.
Sparrow on a nearby chimney
I don't have to travel very far to try nature photography!

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2006-11-20 (#) 13 years ago
Herfst werkzaamheden in de tuin: we hebben bloembollen geplant en de bruidssluier nog eens stevig teruggesnoeid. De pergola zakt steeds schever, dus dat moest ter voorkoming van echte problemen bij een storm. We hebben van van alles wat we willen snoeien (appelboom, hazelaar, andere struiken) opgezocht wanneer dat zou moeten en het komt toch allemaal neer op 'vroeg in het voorjaar'.

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2006-09-23 (#) 14 years ago
It seems the after summer warmth is confusing the pigeons: today we took a picture of a pigeon nest near our house with 2 young birds in it.

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