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2008-11-21 (#) 12 years ago
End of an era: I noticed today that the METAR for EHSB (Soesterberg) wasn't updated anymore. The last one I found:
2008/11/20 09:25
EHSB 200925Z AUTO 28014KT 9999 // 11/09 Q1010
The Soesterberg Wolfhounds were already gone but now all normal flying seems to be terminated and the meteorologist has stopped.

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2008-01-02 (#) 12 years ago
My first CPAN upload. I uploaded Geo::METAR 1.15 to CPAN just now. Time to find out if I did stuff right.

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2007-11-13 (#) 13 years ago
I created my own Geo::METAR page and the module is ready for uploading to CPAN (just some final sanity checks).

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2007-11-13 (#) 13 years ago
The weather keeps me interested and I have been working on processing weather data (ofcourse using Geo::METAR). Roger Burton West did a lot of work on visualizing weather data and I updated the result for Geo::METAR. Resulting maps now available on Stuff to add: caching, getting data from several sources (at least one metar for the Netherlands isn't available via the US national weather service) or using different sources.

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2007-08-14 (#) 13 years ago
I have taken over as maintainer of the perl Geo::METAR module for parsing METAR (Aviation routine weather report) data. Although METAR is supposed to be a strict format I find lots and lots of regional variations, newer versions, things that should not be used anymore and other things making parsing hard. I'm now using the 24-hour metar files from the National Weather Service Internet Weather Source and I use those to stresstest the METAR-parser, looking up things that make it fail completely and fixing those.

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