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2011-06-05 (#) 8 years ago
I just (re)watched The Boat that Rocked also known as 'Pirate radio'.

The goof I noticed this time is the 2 DJs climbing the 'antenna mast'. On a mediumwave transmitter that is a big no-no: either the mast itself is antenna and has a high voltage difference to ground or the feeder lines go to a wire antenna at the top where you don't want to get close due to the RF energy. But there are no feeder wires visible anyway...

But this is not a documentary, this is a movie based on/following the events and people of the time. As such it works great. It really shows the 'radio people should listen to' versus 'radio people want to listen to' difference which played in those days. Great music in the movie. I really like the visual switching between the making of the radio and the listening to the radio.

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2010-12-19 (#) 9 years ago

Brilliant piece of film from 1963: "Snow" by director Geoffrey Jones when British Rail was still proud of being able to deal with all kinds of snow and kept the trains running better than cars.
Link via Winter's here - David Hembrow A view from the cycle path a recumbent rider (and builder) who views Dutch life with a UK background.

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2010-02-16 (#) 10 years ago
Some actors are annoyed by being typecast in the same roles constantly, but some cities can be typecasted too: I watched WarGames (1983) yesterday and noted in a number of shots of Seattle it was raining. Now I'm watching Firewall (2006) and I think I haven't seen an outdoor scene yet without rain.
I visited Seattle myself and it's not that bad.

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2006-03-27 (#) 14 years ago
Last week, I watched the movie Real Genius again. A real 80s movie, with a young Val Kilmer and a lot of fun. According to Mirjam (who knows stuff like this) the science in the movie isn't completely wrong and the power levels named are consistent with the developments in those years. Anyway, reading US to test missile-killing airborne laser in The Register points at 'Real Genius', with phrases like solid state lasers and main chemical laser weapon. I hope that somewhere deep in the (probably top secret) designs for the Airborne Laser (ABL) is a reference to that movie.

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