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2021-08-04 Mijn eigen "Freedom Day"
De overstap naar Freedom internet is gelukt. De verbinding met xs4all verbrak om 04:56:30 en om 04:56:46 was de verbinding weer gemaakt met Freedom Internet met de nieuwe IPv6 en IPv4 adressen.

De overschakeling was daarna een kwestie van alle configuraties die ik had klaarstaan activeren en statische IPv6 thuis adressen omnummeren. Daarna nog een paar kleine dingetjes die ik vergeten was maar niets storends.

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2021-07-06 Volgende mail dienst die verdwijnt bij xs4all: plus in e-mail adressen
Volgens een volgende aankondiging van xs4all gebruikte ik ook nog addressen met een plus er in voor Het was even zoeken en uiteindelijk bleken die inderdaad in de spambox voor te komen omdat ik lang geleden een + adres gebruikte in usenet postings. Maar spammers vergeten nooit een oud adres, zie Bitcoin extortion spam showing up on different e-mail addresses.

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2021-07-02 Overstap naar Freedom internet
Na alle ontwikkelingen bij xs4all was het tijd om de overstap te maken die er al een tijd inzat. Van xs4all naar Freedom internet met eigenlijk dezelfde voor mij belangrijke eigenschappen: een vast IPv4 adres, een vaste IPv6 reeks en een provider die geeft om belangrijke zaken zoals privacy.

De snelheid gaat er wat op vooruit: freedom levert de snelheid die de DSL verbinding aan kan, dus in ons geval 101 mbit down/30 up.

Direct na de aanvraag en het accepteren van de automatische incasso krijg ik al gelijk bericht wat het IPv4 adres wordt en de toegekende IPv6 reeks. Dat is handig, dan kan ik de overstap goed voorbereiden.

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2021-06-29 Einde bsmtp bij xs4all
Vandaag de aankondiging die ik twee jaar geleden al voorzag:
Per 1 oktober 2021 vervalt batched SMTP op
Het omzetten van e-mail adressen lukt vrij goed. Het meeste wat nog op oude adressen binnenkomt is spam.

De instructie die XS4ALL geeft om dit op te lossen op Batched SMTP op subdomein vervalt - xs4all is vrij simpel. In de mail stond Op staat hoe u kunt zien op welke adressen u berichten heeft ontvangen en wat u in Mijn XS4ALL moet doen. maar op die site komt het neer op 'zoek in je eigen mailarchieven' en niet 'na authenticatie kunt u zien wat er voor u in de maillogs bij ons staat' wat mijn eerste verwachting was.

Het is jammer, maar met alle wijzigingen bij XS4ALL naar KPN niet onverwacht. Voor mij wel een signaal dat het tijd is om op te gaan stappen als klant bij XS4ALL.

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2021-03-27 I bought a secondhand morse paddle and made a video about it
For a while I had a notification set for someone selling a morse paddle. Finally one came along at a reasonable price so I bought it.

And.. I mentioned this detail to some people at work. Who had an idea of what a morse key is, but didn't know about morse paddles. So with my big mouth I said "I'll make a video about it". This was triggered by the fact that I recently learned about OpenShot non-linear video editor which is available for Linux too.

So I created a video. And found out making a video of 30 seconds is a lot more work than 30 seconds. I watched some tutorial videos about OpenShot first and thought about what I wanted to show. I haven't added spoken comments because I didn't feel like doing those too.

The video isn't great, I can see several beginner mistakes. But I get the point across of what a paddle does. There is a continuity problem because I used sunlight. Which isn't very constant. And I made several clips because I didn't think I would get everything I wanted to show right. But now there are changes in light and a bit in camera angle, even with using a tripod.

And our neighbours were busy hammering indoors, so that can be heard too.

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2020-12-29 Some updates to parts of my homepage
It's the christmas holiday and that gives me some time to fix things that have been on the wishlist for a while. This includes some parts of the scripts that make up my homepage.

The update was a learning process, I found out getting caching right is still very hard and I learned about preformatted text and the CSS grid which worked differently than expected. All fixed now.

This is now fixed, and I may find more things to fix in the (near) future.

Changes include:
  • The pages are now using a CSS grid
  • Pages have a usable righthandside
  • Updates to the footer have been made on all pages
  • The history function of the newstag page has been fixed to give usable permanent urls
  • The IPv6 check is active on more pages

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2020-12-27 Taming preformatted text in the CSS grid
I found out the mobile version of my homepage was a lot wider than the desktop version (which tries to fit on the screen). This didn't show when I learned about the CSS grid for Camp Wireless.

The difference is that my homepage regularly uses log samples which are displayed as preformatted text. I used the grid width 1fr which allows for the full width of <pre> items. Changing this to 100% fixed it. The desktop version uses two columns and those are already split using percentages of the full screen width.

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2020-12-27 I'm still wardriving from time to time
I haven't written anything about wardriving since I noticed I fell out of the WiGLE top 100 but I still do it from time to time. At the same rate as I wrote back then, switching on the WiGLE app on an Android phone when I realize I may be in an 'interesting' area for finding networks and I have the time. I don't go out on wardriving trips on purpose, but there are enough networks to be found.

By now I have dropped to the number 312 rank in the WiGLE user statistics. I guess there are other wardrivers a lot more active and plotting every day wardriving expeditions.

WiGLE also logs found bluetooth devices and there are a lot of those out there.

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2020-12-24 Getting caching right is still very hard
After switching my websites to https I found out caching works differently on https (for good reasons) and files included by lots of pages got reloaded a lot.

So I added some caching hints. I especially did not want the stylesheet to be reloaded constantly. So I added an ExpiresByType directive to cache stylesheets for a week.

But on the change of camp-wireless to a new stylesheet and programming language I got bitten by this: some browsers had the old css code cached and saw no reason to check for updates. The site looked strange (but wasn't really broken).

I recently made some changes to parts of my homepage too, also going to the CSS grid model, just like the changes in Camp Wireless to the CSS grid model. And I had the same problems with the CSS in the production version. It took a bit of searching to find the source of the Expires statement, it was in the .htaccess file.

Now fixed to a much shorter cache time, it is quite possible to have versions of the pagecode and CSS differ in the browser.

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2020-09-13 A weekend with some radio: first hand-paddled morse contact, a new country and data contacts
After lots of other things a weekend where I made time for amateur radio. I set up the endfed antenna and used a mast to raise the antenna at the end of the garden a bit, which hopefully increases the range a bit.

The big new thing was the last radio contact of the weekend: I decided to get on the air with the paddle as an exercise in morse. After looking for a contact at a reasonable speed where the exchange would be more than just callsigns and signal report I heard someone call CQ on the 40 meter band at about 20 words per minute. So to exercise my sending and not try to decode everything at 20 words per minute I cheated and used the computer to decode most of the morse code. I answered with my call and some basic information, with the printed CW QSO example in front of me. The other radio amateur had the patience to listen to my relatively slow speed (12 words per minute) and I had the contact. So I ended with a good - ..- which is morse for TU which is the abbreviation for "Thank You!"

Earlier in the weekend I made lots of FT8 and some FT4 contacts, just getting more calls in the log. I saw some for me new countries active. I managed to get French Guadeloupe as a new country in the log, and Saint Julia on a new band.

My notifications for the Bulgarian Saints showed me that LZ595IP was active in PSK31. I haven't used that mode in a while. I made the contact, so now I have that call in morse and PSK31, still looking for other modes.

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