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2020-03-02 Back from snowboard holiday
Last week we were on a wintersport holiday in the Montafon region of Austria. I went snowboarding and had fun. There was enough snow at higher levels when the week started and later in the week it started snowing giving fresh snow which I really like for snowboarding.

Driving to Austria and back home through Germany went fine, no huge traffic jams or really bad weather. There is still a lot of work on the German Autobahns but less than one or two years ago. The lane departure warning system in our car still doesn't like the mix of orange and white lines on the road when lanes are shifted for work.

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2019-03-04 Terug van snowboard vakantie
We zijn een week op wintersport vakantie geweest naar het gebied van Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis in Tirol. Ons onderdak was een leuk appartement in Ladis, vlak aan de piste en we hebben ons prima vermaakt met snowboarden en een dag bergwandelen. Na een onderbreking van een paar jaar kan ik nog goed snowboarden en heb me ook weer vermaakt met boardercross en mooie afdalingen.

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2014-01-26 (#)
Terug van een snowboard vakantie in Fiss, Oostenrijk! Perfect weer gehad, zowel met zon als met verse sneeuw.

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2012-02-08 (#)
Awesome snowboarding footage: Supernatural Snowboarders Showcase Super Skills - Wired playbook.

And this time with real and huge amounts of snow. Some "snowboarding movies" annoy me because there are just some small heaps of snow in the picture for the correct jump spot and the correct landing spot. This is however all on a real mountain with loads of fresh powder snow.

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2012-02-06 (#)
Back from a snowboarding holiday in Fiss, in the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis ski area in Austria. Great white stuff there, a few days were very cold (-19 ⁰C outside and 40 km/h north wind..) but keeping moving on the board helped. I enjoyed it a lot! The cold weather was going on in Austria too: on the morning we left the car thermometer showed -21 ⁰C.

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2011-04-10 (#)
A Tiny Day in the Jackson Hole Backcountry by Tristan Greszko. Great video by Tristan Greszko using tilt-shifting and a stop-motion effect. The brain really thinks it is watching an animation in miniature scale, but it is all video of 'real' things and views.

Found via Tilt-Shifted Ski Resort Delivers Thrills in Miniature -

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2010-12-29 (#)
All the ski-passes we took home over the years are not readable for the 13.56 MHz RFID reader. According to EWcG AXESS in Ski Industry they are ISO 15693 tags which can be read at up to 50 cm, which suggests lower radio frequencies than 13.56 MHz. I checked tags from Portes du Soleil and Grand Massif. In Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis one returns the card at the end of the ski period to get the 5 euro deposit back.

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2010-02-01 (#)
And I'm back from a snowboarding holiday in Fiss in Austria. A great wintersport area, connecting Fiss, Ladis and Serfaus. We had great weather, first sun and later snow, resulting in fresh powder for the last few days. Snowboarding in fresh powder is really great. I got some much needed rest too.

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2009-02-01 (#)
Back from snowboarding holiday in .. Samoëns, France. Yes, the same village as last year. The village, the Grand Massif ski area and especially the Viking Lodge apartment were so good we had to get back. I had fun snowboarding although I bruised a few ribs in a fall I had Wednesday on the Cascade piste: it turned icy and I lost balance and fell on my frontside.

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2008-02-11 (#)
Back from the snow! We went for a week of snowboarding in Samoëns, France. Great snow, good weather and no broken bones. We stayed at the Viking Lodge, a very nice and luxurious apartment. Besides snowboarding for real I also played with Amped3 on the xbox 360 in the apartment ;)

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