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2008-01-23 (#)
Gisterenavond zijn we gaan snowboarden/Skiƫn in de sneeuwbaan van de Uithof in Den Haag. Lekker om nog een paar uur te oefenen voor we echt naar de sneeuw gaan. Helaas was de baan in een niet zo ideale conditie: grote stukken ijs.

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2007-11-05 (#)
On friday evening we went snowboarding for the first time this season. After shopping for new coats we went to Snowworld in Zoetermeer and tried our turns again for a while. For me the right feeling of snowboarding had to come from way deep but after a few tries I made it down at reasonable speeds. It would be really nice to have an indoor piste closer to home.

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2007-02-05 (#)
Back from snowboard holiday in Morzine, France... didn't break anything, not too much muscle pains and we had a great time! And yes, there was enough snow on the pistes, thanks to the hard work of the people of the Portes du Soleil piste services.

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2007-01-24 (#)
I did some hacking today on Snowcam, whacking the stylesheet to differentiate in the order of elements in the html source versus the order of elements on the page, and adding a bunch of webcams at wintersport resorts all over the world, because I'm in the mood for the upcoming wintersport holiday in Morzine. Now looking at snowreports and Morzine webcams daily. I found out that the site looks awful in IE6 and fiddled with the stylesheet until it worked.

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2007-01-17 (#)
We went snowboarding last night at De Uithof in Den Haag (absolutely not related to the part of Utrecht named de Uithof where I work). I took it easy, a friend came along who tried snowboarding for the first time (normally he skies on wintersport holidays). He learned faster than the snowboard class taking place while we were there!

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2006-02-06 (#)
Back from a snowboarding holiday in Tignes, France. No snowboarding accidents. I just slipped on the sidewalk at the last minute and scratched my right hand in a few places. Great snowboarding in Tignes, great weather. I had time to read too, and I decided to reread some books I read ages ago, and review them (again): The Great Train Robbery by Michael Crichton, In the beginning.. was the command line by Neal Stephenson and At Large: the strange case of the world's biggest internet invasion by David Freedman, Charles Mann. All great books to reread.

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2006-01-19 (#)
I made some pictures of my snowboard now it's all put together and waiting for the upcoming trip.

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2006-01-18 (#)
Ik heb een 2e hands snowboard gekocht en had nog wat onderdelen nodig.. Cellblock snowboard shop in Utrecht heeft veel spare parts in huis en kon zo de onderdelen die ik zocht leveren voor een hele mooie prijs. Naast een 10 voor vakkennis (ze zijn daar echt goed) ook een 10 voor service.

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2005-04-13 (#)
Found some really great snowboarder pictures by AstroPax source: rec.skiing.snowboard.

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2005-02-08 (#)
Back from a week of snowboarding in Les Deux Alpes. Had fun, had enough snow and my snowboarding got better. And it was a good holiday.

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