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2006-03-16 (#) 13 years ago
Doing lots of little stuff at The Virtual Bookcase. Updating pages to be a little more google-friendly, debugging some code to make stuff work again (seems php isn't too stable as a language, which made stuff fail in interesting ways). And keeping up with the book news. And finding out the stylesheet wasn't giving the wanted overviews in MSIE. Oops there.

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2006-02-17 (#) 14 years ago now lives on a new server, somewhat faster and more reliable. Time to update the picture on that page! I also moved stuff like The Virtual Bookcase and Camp Wireless. Only thing that gave me troubles right before moving was GNU mailman.

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2006-01-27 (#) 14 years ago
I guess it's the time for international book fairs.. after adding news about the International Book Fair of Havana to The Virtual Bookcase last week, this week the news is about the 17th World Book Fair in New Delhi.

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2005-12-20 (#) 14 years ago
I am reading Using Open Source Web Software with Windows. Yes, I am looking at it from a unix/linux perspective. It focuses mainly on setting up your own 'wamp' server (windows, apache, mysql, php). Having your own testing server that acts like your live webhost is a good idea.

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2005-09-20 (#) 14 years ago
More updates to The Virtual Bookcase, separating the reviews from The Virtual Bookcase reviews, and adding a lot of info in the process. Example: Reviews and details of 'Adventures of Riley: Mission to Madagascar' and info for 'Adventures of Riley: Mission to Madagascar'.

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2005-07-27 (#) 14 years ago
Just after my rant about parcel delivery I got a surprise as the first delivery of my amazon package (with tax to be payed) happened in the evening when I was at home. Now to find time to watch the BBS documentary.

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2005-04-01 (#) 14 years ago
Worked a bit on The Virtual Bookcase and added scripts to show items of book news such as the news on the latest Harry Potter book and site news. New stuff is done in html4 (you will see some artefacts of mixed html4 and html3.2 use because some building blocks are imported from other scripts) but slowly I am converting to html4 and thinking about improving the general design.

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2004-11-04 (#) 15 years ago
Updated an xml-rpc interface. This may sound completely buzzwordian to you, but it's just that amazon offers amazon webservices where xml-rpc calls are one possible way to query their database. The Virtual Bookcase uses this interface for detail information about books and searches.

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2004-11-03 (#) 15 years ago
Round of Apache web server upgrades, with included PHP upgrade. Somehow Apache on FreeBSD still doesn't like to build shared objects, so the Apache on is statically linked again. Affected sites: The Virtual Bookcase, Camp Wireless,, Fight Spam on the Internet!.

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2004-03-31 (#) 15 years ago
Integrated amazon book reviews into The Virtual Bookcase. Some work parsing xml from Amazon Webservices, but a nice result.

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2004-02-25 (#) 16 years ago
After about 4 months of using mod_gzip on The Virtual Bookcase, the results are less then expected since a lot of requests aren't compressable. In total, mod_gzip saved 15.86% bytes, on compressable requests mod_gzip saved 71.85% bytes.

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2003-10-27 (#) 16 years ago
The first really public RSS feed I created is for The Virtual Bookcase where I created an RSS feed of new reviews.

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2003-10-10 (#) 16 years ago
Installed mod_gzip on the webserver serving you this page. Checking results for output from The Virtual Bookcase where large html pages are served a lot.

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2003-09-04 (#) 16 years ago
New things at The Virtual Bookcase. The first feature article about a quite interesting book Weapons of Mass Delusion: America's Real National Emergency. The article framework uses HTML 4.01 and the first stylesheet (finally.. stylesheets).

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2002-07-17 (#) 17 years ago
Watch The Virtual Bookcase for new additions in information and some redesign of the pages.

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2000-08-29 (#) 19 years ago
New books and more updates for The Virtual Bookcase. Have a look, you will like it.

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2000-05-20 (#) 19 years ago
Updated stuff behind The Virtual Bookcase so it is now more flexible and better.

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2000-02-22 (#) 20 years ago
The Virtual Bookcase has been restyled and got it's own domain-name and webserver at come see what is new!

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2000-02-11 (#) 20 years ago
I am restyling The Virtual Bookcase so it will look a lot better and be more readable for visitors

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1999-12-02 (#) 20 years ago
Have you bought User Friendly, the book yet ?

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