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2004-02-25 (#)
After about 4 months of using mod_gzip on The Virtual Bookcase, the results are less then expected since a lot of requests aren't compressable. In total, mod_gzip saved 15.86% bytes, on compressable requests mod_gzip saved 71.85% bytes.

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2003-10-27 (#)
The first really public RSS feed I created is for The Virtual Bookcase where I created an RSS feed of new reviews.

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2003-10-10 (#)
Installed mod_gzip on the webserver serving you this page. Checking results for output from The Virtual Bookcase where large html pages are served a lot.

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2003-09-04 (#)
New things at The Virtual Bookcase. The first feature article about a quite interesting book Weapons of Mass Delusion: America's Real National Emergency. The article framework uses HTML 4.01 and the first stylesheet (finally.. stylesheets).

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2002-07-17 (#)
Watch The Virtual Bookcase for new additions in information and some redesign of the pages.

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2000-08-29 (#)
New books and more updates for The Virtual Bookcase. Have a look, you will like it.

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2000-05-20 (#)
Updated stuff behind The Virtual Bookcase so it is now more flexible and better.

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2000-02-22 (#)
The Virtual Bookcase has been restyled and got it's own domain-name and webserver at come see what is new!

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2000-02-11 (#)
I am restyling The Virtual Bookcase so it will look a lot better and be more readable for visitors

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1999-12-02 (#)
Have you bought User Friendly, the book yet ?

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