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2015-02-18 Old-skool usernames in ssh attacks 5 years ago
Somebody dug up some 'hacking VMS' howto files I guess:
Feb 17 21:53:25 greenblatt sshd[8483]: Invalid user OPERATOR from
Feb 17 22:00:43 greenblatt sshd[9138]: Invalid user RSBCMON from
Feb 17 22:09:54 greenblatt sshd[9962]: Invalid user FIELD from
Feb 17 22:18:39 greenblatt sshd[10837]: Invalid user MANAGER from
Feb 17 22:35:21 greenblatt sshd[12290]: Invalid user SYSDBA from
Some of the old 'default accounts' from way back! HACKING VAX'S VMS. at

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2014-10-08 (#) 5 years ago
This is really old-school: I see messages in the newsmaster mail from a newgroup/rmgroup war. Haven't seen that in decades! asks for christian.binaries.sermons
to be created.

If this is acceptable, type:
  /usr/lib/news/bin/ctlinnd newgroup christian.binaries.sermons y

And do not forget to update the corresponding description in your
/var/lib/news/newsgroups file.

The control message follows:


For your newsgroups file:
christian.binaries.sermons      Christian sermons

CHARTER: christian.binaries.sermons is a newsgroup for Christian

The newsgroup and hierarchy will not be strictly moderated per se. Spam
and heavy trolling is not permitted, however, and may be post-moderated
after the fact. The christian top-level hierarchy does not follow the
precise policies of the current free.* hierarchy. We do, however, share
a similar vision of a relatively free and open hierarchy allowing almost
anything created by virtually anyone, with few rules.

JUSTIFICATION: Christianity being one of the world's largest religions,
there are several Christian newsgroups in various hierarchies out there,
but no established central structure that combines a variety of topics,
and especially Christian binaries are fragmented in disjointed
hierarchies throughout the Usenet. This newsgroup under the free.*
mantle espouses the ideas of freedom, the liberty to create your own
group, and allow relatively free posting with the exception of spam and
heavy trolling. As Christian newsgroups are often trolled, this is a
necessary evil for the hierarchy to thrive. In this new age of
persecution and ostracization, the christian hierarchy is necessary to
unite Christians worldwide and give them a digital home.

There has been much discussion on the Usenet regarding the need for
separate Christian groups, especially topic -specified binaries groups,
which seem to be largely absent in terms of Christian media. The amount
of Christian material found in any typical web search on this subject
alone is sufficient justification for this group.
I'm not sure usenet binaries are the best way to reach christians today. The church I visit uses live-streaming with availability on a mobile 'app' and the archive is available via the church website.

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2014-05-30 (#) 6 years ago
Ik kwam wat papieren tegen van het BBS Koos z'n Doos en de vlakke scanner is weer beschikbaar, dus ik heb die papieren weer eens gescand. De rekening van de harddisk uit Februari 1993 en de kerstkaart uit December 1993 zijn nu echt goed gescand en beschikbaar in hoge resolutie.

Wat ik ook nog tegenkwam was een rekening voor een ROM upgrade van het SupraFax 14k4 modem uit December 1993. Opvallend, de aanschaf van het SupraFax 28k8 modem was Juli 1994. Ik weet op dit moment niet precies wat de reden was van de ROM upgrade, ik ga er van uit dat het te maken had met het definitief worden van de v32.bis standaard. De SupraFAXModem 14400 pagina op Wikipedia Engels geeft hierover geen informatie.

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2014-03-03 (#) 6 years ago
Vandaag is het precies 34 jaar geleden dat 27 MHz communicatie in Nederland werd geintroduceerd, 27 MC artikel op de nederlandse wikipedia. Ik luister wel eens met een scanner naar 27 MHz verkeer, erg vermakelijk.

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2014-01-06 (#) 6 years ago
Searching for the print header - COM port cable in the PC parts junk box for the new weatherstation on the alix.1c board gave 5 of them, 2 with db9 connectors and 3 with db25 connectors. I tested them all with a real telephone modem. In total 3 worked, 2 didn't but that may be because there are two different standards for it.

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2013-12-31 (#) 6 years ago
Nu ik bezig ben met ritchie als weerstation computer en tegelijkertijd even keek in mijn Linux Counter entry naar wat 'oude' systemen. Wat ooit een topsysteem was (500 MHz pentium III met 512 Mb geheugen) is nu oud ijzer en ongeveer dezelfde specificaties (500 MHz AMD Geode met 256 Mb geheugen) is een minimaal systeem met verminderd energiegebruik. Grappig hoe de zaken veranderen.

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2013-11-08 (#) 6 years ago
An interesting bit of cold war history: when the British army had a large number of people stationed in Germany a TV station was set up, BFBS Television which still runs in areas where the British army is active. Back in the 1980s satellite home distribution wasn't an option so first videotapes where sent from the London studios to the German transmission center(s) where they were transmitted to the families using low-power local UHF tv transmitters. 'Current affairs' programs such as the news were only delayed by about a week, less urgent programming could be delayed by up to 6 weeks.

In 1983 a microwave link England - France - Belgium - The Netherlands - Germany made live transmissions possible from London, a major and costly upgrade.

The first live transmissions were the ITN and BBC evening news programs both of which mentioned their new audience.

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2013-05-08 (#) 7 years ago
multicast stream test image: Philips PM5544 testcard I had to test some part of the multicast setup on the work network and fired up VLC.

And from the department of 'some things never change' or 'still going strong', Bratislava STV2 testcard is still available under the title 'Monoskop' on vlc url rtp://@ This stream must have been going for years, I remember using it in tests years ago.

And during the day when STV2 has no program, it still transmits an actual Philips PM5544 testcard.

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2013-02-10 (#) 7 years ago
Playing with some blue box apps on the Android tablet: Phone Losers Blue Box: simple Blue Box application and Tone dialer FREE: DTMF / Blue box / Red box.

Both are more of a gimmick than really usable, although rumours that MF is still in use in some remote corners of the world are persistent.

Fun to hear those tones from the Android tablet. It does make me wonder: if I play tones like these in a big crowd, will I get seasoned phreaks to look up when I play some MF...

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2012-12-12 (#) 7 years ago
Good rant by Jason Scott on The Quiet Wikideath of BBS History - I helped my bit by copying a few BBS doorgame articles from Wikipedia to the BBS wiki. I hope initiatives like Break Into Chat help preserve more history.

I think the big issue with early personal computing history is that storage was expensive back then so older stuff had to be thrown out. Now we all have permalinks and nothing gets thrown out. And when a digital archive is in danger of going away, Archive Team will rescue it.

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2012-12-04 (#) 7 years ago
Network history revisited: Building a 10BASE5 "Thick Ethernet" network when looking funny at a heavy network cable could disable network on an entire floor.

It gets worse: he even designed and built a USB Ethernet Adapter with AUI interface. So he can get 64-bit Windows and Linux on a 10Base5 network and visit facebook (why??).

Found by @pndc: This horror needs sharing. A USB to 10BASE5 adaptor: (hat-tip to @garysmi)

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2012-11-30 (#) 7 years ago
The Phone Books Are Just Mocking Us Now which reminded me that the library in the Hogeschool I worked 1993-2000 had the shelf with the entire set of phonebooks of the Netherlands replaced by a sign 'look it up on the website'.

But the publisher of the phonebooks in the Netherlands has only started this year (2012) to ask whether you are interested in the paper phonebook. And according to the article above some phonebook publishers are taking even longer.

Article found via @haighteration : The Phone Books Are Just Mocking Us Now

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2012-11-25 (#) 7 years ago
Ah, memories... Stefan Arentz dug up pictures (analog pictures! made with a chemical camera!) from hip'97: HIP97-Felipe2, a set on flickr. I still think hip'97 was (for me personally) one of the best hacker camps.

More hip'97 goodness: HIP97-Felipe1, HIP97-Unknown with actual black and white pictures and HIP97-Wendy.

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2012-10-09 (#) 7 years ago
I just found Intercept Service with Jane Barbe where ElmerCat has put a lot of time and energy into saving, splitting and digitizing phone phreaking recordings. My first thought was to take the Jane Barbe recordings and set up a few intercepts of my own. Maybe for playing with the people who try to break in to my asterisk testserver or (more constructive) to set up a Jane Barbe intercept service which can be used on Collectors*Net.
Found (unsurprisingly) via "1000 Abstract Machines" ... and a New Generation of Phone Phreaks? - The History Of Phone Phreaking.

Update: Ok, using the 'Jane Barbe' digits in Asterisk isn't very hard. Download the .mp3 files from soundcloud and convert them to the asterisk .gsm format:
$ mkdir janebarbe
$ sox JB-0-neutral.mp3 -r 8000 -c 1 janebarbe/0.gsm
$ sox JB-is-not-in-service.mp3 -r 8000 -c 1 janebarbe/is-not-in-service.gsm 
$ sox JB-the-number-you-have-reached.mp3 -r 8000 -c 1 janebarbe/the-number-you-have-reached.gsm
And put that entire janebarbe directory in the directory where asterisk expects the digit files for language 'janebarbe' which is /usr/share/asterisk/sounds/digits/janebarbe/ in the 'old' directory structure and /usr/share/asterisk/sounds/janebarbe/digits/ in the 'new' directory structure. Look at Asterisk multi-language - for details on directory structures.

Using the digits is now simple, a test:
exten => s,1,Answer()
exten => s,n,Wait(1)
exten => s,n,Playback(digits/janebarbe/the-number-you-have-reached)
exten => s,n,Set(CHANNEL(language)=janebarbe)
exten => s,n,SayDigits(1234567890)
exten => s,n,Playback(digits/janebarbe/is-not-in-service)
exten => s,n,Hangup
Will have Jane Barbe telling you what you expect. This can be used as an invalid-number intercept.

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2012-09-29 (#) 7 years ago
TDK AD C46 cassette, photo licensed under creative commons, original author Koos van den Hout
TDK AD C46 cassette, photo licensed under creative commons, original author Koos van den Hout
Found while digitizing audio cassettes: a TDK AD C46 cassette.

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2012-09-25 (#) 7 years ago
In a usenet discussion mentioning fidonet adresses and the fact that ipv6 addresses are that much bigger I had to look in the original Fidonet technical standard 001 how big zone / net / node (and point) addresses could be. Those are all 2-byte unsigned numbers, which gives us:
  • Potential fidonet node addresses: 65536*65536*65536 = 281474976710656
  • Potential fidonet point addresses: 65536*65536*65536*65536 = 18446744073709551616
To compare:
  • Potential IPv4 addresses: 256*256*256*256 = 4294967296
  • Potential IPv6 addresses: 2^128 = 340282366920938463463374607431768211456
So Fidonet was by design bigger than IPv4. And I'll keep promoting IPv6!

I'm skipping all kinds of 'overhead' and 'reserved' addresses.

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2012-08-26 (#) 7 years ago
Ik heb een echte originele T65 draaischijftelefoon te pakken gekregen. Productiedatum april 1985. Ik ga hem nog schoonmaken. In een simpele test kwam ik al gauw achter een te verwachten probleem: de ATA die ik gebruik voor VoIP experimenten, een cisco ata 186, snapt geen pulsedialing. Maar voor inkomende gesprekken is deze telefoon al goed genoeg. Misschien handig voor inkomende gesprekken op Collectors*Net!

Later viel me trouwens iets op aan de productiedatum: in juni 1978 hadden we thuis al een telefoon met druktoetsen en dtmf. Maar dtmf ondersteuning werd in Nederland gefaseerd ingevoerd, toen ik in 1984 stage liep bij kpn telecom waren er nog electromechanische centrales in Utrecht die geen dtmf ondersteuning hadden.

Update 2012-08-28: Een echte T65 draaischijftelefoon is voor iedereen bereikbaar: bij de webwinkel van het Staatsbedrijf der Posterijen, Telegrafie en Telefonie zijn ze te koop. Prachtige website met de nodige Nederlandse telefoonhistorie met een knipoog.

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2012-08-23 (#) 7 years ago
A while ago somebody pointed me at the BBS wiki at where I created a page about BBS Koos z'n doos.

Since then I visited the BBS wiki on and off. I would like for that site to get some more activity so to people who remember BBSes and people who ran BBSes: go over to the BBS wiki at and update it with your bit of BBS history.

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2012-08-17 (#) 7 years ago
En nog een leuke 'computerkamer' set gevonden via google image search: Computerkamer van cba. Compleet met 19" rack.

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2012-08-16 (#) 7 years ago
I came across this video announcing the BBS documentary on G4TV. A somewhat younger Jason Scott introducing the BBS documentary and hoping other, better BBS documentaries will be made after he releases his one.

Update: Ok, this is weird: when this video is on my homepage the embed gets replaced by the video embedded from snotr recently but when this embedded video is on itself I see the right video. Must be some conflict in the embed code. And it only happens on one browser, with a different system with the same Ubuntu version shows the right video.

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