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2006-02-20 (#) 12 years ago
Interesting webcam stuff (this subject keeps interesting me!).. the Alaska Volcano Observatory has webcams monitoring several active volcanoes in Alaska. The people in the areas affected by these volcanoes visit the site often to get warnings of possible ashfall. Great site, and it is good to see how modern communication methods (radio networks, internet, web) improve the flow of specialized news to faraway communities interested in that specialized news.

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2005-12-20 (#) 12 years ago
Redid the design of my webcam page. May look almost the same, but it's a lot cleaner in html. Fun thing is people still visit the site daily (40-50 visits a day is quite normal). Lots of webcam pages still link to it.

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2005-11-26 (#) 12 years ago
I finally got around to building a script around the archives I kept of when it was still at my previous house. Now you can see the view from any date that was archived (there is a small hole in the archive) at the Webcam Beneluxlaan Utrecht archive.

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2005-07-11 (#) 13 years ago
The Coffeecam at work is back on-line. The harddisk in the machine died (a 1995 harddisk that had been in use most of the years) last Friday. Re-installing the OS and getting stuff running again (especially the philips webcam driver) was a bit of work as the stock debian is compiled with gcc3 (tsk! the README says to use 2.95), the debian kernel source seemed to be inflicted with some gcc3-isms (tsk! again) and the philips webcam driver is discontinued (I understand his reasons, but the other choice in webcam is 'no webcam at all'). But, I dug up a somewhat compatible kernel, gcc-2.95, waited for the kernel to actually compile (takes quite a while on hardware this old), a binary of the webcam decompressor and now it's back. The one and only Original coffeecam (The Trojan Room Coffee Machine) is now rackmounted at Spiegel online.

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2004-11-03 (#) 13 years ago
Round of Apache web server upgrades, with included PHP upgrade. Somehow Apache on FreeBSD still doesn't like to build shared objects, so the Apache on is statically linked again. Affected sites: The Virtual Bookcase, Camp Wireless,, Fight Spam on the Internet!.

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2004-11-01 (#) 13 years ago
Memories of my Alaska holiday... since then, the FAA has added webcams with the purpose of seeing the current weather state at many airports in Alaska (to aid in planning visual flight rule flights). Nice to get an updated view of the weather when (limited) daylight permits. I see places on those images I visited (ok, if a road is visible and it's in a town I visited, I have been on that road. There aren't that many.)

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2004-10-11 (#) 14 years ago
Played a bit with Geo::METAR so now my Webcam knows the almost-local weather and pastes it into the image.

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2004-07-29 (#) 14 years ago
The big window in my living room will need to be replaced because of the crack (and the associated humidity that I mentioned on my webcam at home. The guy who came to measure the window told me that they will use a crane to lift the glass window to the third floor.

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2004-07-18 (#) 14 years ago
Back from a camping trip in the south of England. My home server decided to panic so was down. I took no laptop on my camping trip so I didn't use or update Camp Wireless. Wireless Internet access on campings in the UK seems non-existant. We did see some coffee houses offer wireless Internet access.

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2004-06-23 (#) 14 years ago
Checking my webcam at home for signs of the storm that is supposed to hit the Netherlands this afternoon. Update: current effect: slashdotted.

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2004-01-16 (#) 14 years ago
Mijn webcam is zelfs in de krant gekomen.

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2003-03-27 (#) 15 years ago
Fixed the focus on my webcam so you can see again what is happening. My best guess is my cats have touched it again.

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2003-01-09 (#) 15 years ago
An explanation for the white stuff outside. It is snow.

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2003-01-01 (#) 15 years ago
Happy new year to all visitors.. with the fireworks image from my webcam.

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2002-12-07 (#) 15 years ago
I have a public webcam running again giving you the view outside my living room window. Need to fix the problem with light in the evening .. good optical cardboard is hard to find (optical cardboard is very very black).

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2002-03-13 (#) 16 years ago
You can visit Frank the cat who is recovering from a broken pelvis and has his own webcam (awwwwww).

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2000-07-31 (#) 18 years ago
New webcam at work.

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2000-03-17 (#) 18 years ago
I removed the Cetis webcam.

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1999-11-02 (#) 18 years ago
The webcam on my desk [link dead] is back online.. Joost Kahmann and Peter Verwey, FCJ lent me a camera.

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