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2006-08-03 (#) 13 years ago
After being unable to use the network at Mirjams' parents house because WPA is the default with their experiabox, I decided to upgrade my laptop and my home wireless network to WPA. I searched for a WPA supporting network card for my laptop. Based on the talk at the last sane conference on the madwifi driver project I chose a senao card with an atheros chipset. With a bit of fiddling I got it all working and now I have a secure network again at home.

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2006-07-24 (#) 13 years ago
Paul McNamara writes in an article Could that be the wireless police knocking? about a condominium/hotel developer in Tucson, Arizona, US including in the regulations for owning a condo that wireless networks have to be secured. I'm not sure I see why the developer would get involved in this subject unless they also happen to be the ISP (in which case I would consider 'no choice in ISP' a big downside to the whole deal). Wireless security needs to be addressed. In the right place: informing the public about it. Having security by default (like in siemens gigaset access points) and not hiding behind a load of unexplained acronyms in a page of the manual (seen in a recent linksys manual). I really don't think a homeowners association is the place. Although it does fit the profile of the 'homeowners associations sticking their nose into everything' which seem on the rise in the US. They make the homeowners association of the flat I lived in before look very sane (even when they did do dumb things on account of 'saving property value').

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2006-04-27 (#) 14 years ago
Wardriving results for 25 - 26 April: 294 new networks with GPS. Most of those from a tour through Lombok, an older part of Utrecht. Lombok has its own Internet provider which started in 2003 with wireless Internet (site in Dutch), which is now moving towards connecting homes via fiber (site in Dutch). I can imagine they have interference problems in their wireless network with hundreds of access-points.

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2006-03-07 (#) 14 years ago
Na een vraag van Pascal Middelhoff heb ik besloten het document over Installatie en gebruik draadloos netwerk voor thuis beschikbaar te stellen onder een Creative Commons licentie.

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2006-02-16 (#) 14 years ago
Update aan de howto over draadloos netwerk.. naar aanleiding van een vraag een stukje over WDS (wireless distribution system) toegevoegd.

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2006-02-12 (#) 14 years ago
Doing some updates to Camp Wireless, finding campsites that advertise as having wireless Internet in the Woodall's guide... just added campsite number 400(!), Hot Springs National Park KOA in Arkansas, USA. It is funny to see the growth in campsites with wireless Internet access.

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2005-12-07 (#) 14 years ago
Doing the rounds, a really great story about a guy stopping a filesharer hogging the wireless network in a hotel. Also makes you think about (lack of) wireless network security and/or certain operating systems more than willing to share information about you.

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2005-12-01 (#) 14 years ago
Naar aanleiding van de vragen die ik kreeg op de HCC dagen over draadloze netwerken heb ik eens een document opgezet, Draadloos netwerk uitleg en installatie waarin ik allerlei dingen over draadloze netwerken op een rijtje wil hebben voor beginnende gebruikers.

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2005-09-20 (#) 14 years ago
Found this article Finns urge better Wi-Fi security after bank break-in where a bank computer was broken into via an open wi-fi access point (and the original person breaking in traced via the mac address of his wi-fi card). Source: WifiNetNews article.

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2005-07-12 (#) 14 years ago
Nice article in populair science: Be your own wireless hotspot. Using a high-speed cellular data connection for Internet access and a solar panel for power. [link broken] Blog entry by Mike Outmesguine (the author of the article) on thewirelessweblog. Found via Wifinetnews article.

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2005-05-13 (#) 15 years ago
My wireless network was failing me this evening and I checked with kismet for other networks. Without getting up from my seat (is this warsitting?) I found 4 networks, and I reconfigured my access-point to pick a quiet channel.

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