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2023-09-03 Goede informatie over de stuw bij Grave
Ik ben oud genoeg om berichten over waterstanden gehoord te hebben op de radio 's ochtends met "Grave beneden de sluis" en ik heb wel eens bij Grave gekeken op de constructies die daar allemaal zijn in de Maas.

Toen er vrijdag een bericht was Stuw bij Grave stuk: scheepvaart stilgelegd vanwege dalende Maas - NOS was ik wel benieuwd naar meer informatie. Naast de berichtgeving bij de NOS dat het herstel redelijk vlot gaat was ik eigenlijk ook wel op zoek naar wat extra details.

Die ontdekte ik bij Rijkswaterstaat zelf: Nieuwsfeed: Stuw Grave | Rijkswaterstaat waar ook meer technische details staan.

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2016-05-20 Following allong with Hamvention 2016
Hamvention 2016 on
Hamvention 2016 on, map from google maps
I am following the 2016 Dayton Hamvention safely from my own location. Lots happening there which is interesting and maybe I should go there one day. But for those 'playing along at home' there are lots of option nowadays: following hashtag #hv2016live on twitter, with interesting pictures and reports by @ke9v Jeff Davis on twitter and seeing the APRS map around Dayton which went from two or three APRS stations this morning (Dutch time) to a lot of active APRS stations at the moment (see screenshot).

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2015-12-07 News selection that doesn't agree with me
Lately I have been annoyed a few times by the selection of news that makes the headlines on television and in the newspaper. This may be due to the selection I follow (NOS journaal and de Volkskrant) and my issues with current politics (how their actions will be framed in the news seems to be much more important than the long term effects).

Two recent news stories where I wanted a lot more information than my news sources wanted to give me were the damaged bridge in Weener and the flooding in parts of northern England.

The world wide web to the rescue, where I can find other news sources and a lot more information about things happening around the world.

Damaged bridge in Weener (Germany): Flooding in northern England. Noticeable to me was that visiting the BBC website at gave me a redirect to which seems to stay away from news about England. Using gives a better result. In general it seems when some foreign news attracts my attention it is better to find web sources than to wait for the Dutch news to get a hint.

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2015-01-31 World news in my amateur radio contacts
And sometimes world news gets into my amateur radio contacts, even when both sides don't really want that:
Pse QSL via LoTW,eQSLc .. please no bureau now. War here
This was in a contact with a radio amateur operator in the Donetsk region in Ukraine.

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2013-01-21 (#)
Interesting story: Ahmed Al-Khabaz expelled from Dawson College after finding security flaw - National Post Canada. I can fully imagine the kind of thinking behind his actions "if I find this bug this simple, what can I find when I try it with security scanning software". I think some people at the software company / Dawson college overreacted.

From what I can see with a simple websearch there are hosts for several institutes in Canada, each with an IP at the institute, so it's not a centrally hosted application which makes the remarks by Edouard Taza, the president of Skytech confusing:
He said that this was the second time they had seen me in their logs, and what I was doing was a cyber attack
My sarcastic self wonders whether they report the attacks they get from abroad daily to the police with the same energy.

Update 2013-01-24: Lots of new details on this story, and I can imagine there being a lot more to this story than what is published. One interesting opinion set of opinions at: Student’s Expulsion Exposes Computer Science Culture Gap - Security Ledger where Chris Wysopal who learned security testing at L0pth Heavy Industries and Simonelis, Computer Science professor from Dawson college react with interesting points.

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2012-10-05 (#)
I guess an awful lot of traceroutes will be done today and the results will be analyzed, after reading Suspicion over Dotcom net glitch - National - NZ Herald News:
Information held by the Herald shows Gen-I studied data showing the amount of time it took information on the internet connection to reach the Xbox server. It went from 30 milliseconds to 180 milliseconds - a huge increase for online gamers.

The reason for the extra time emerged in a deeper inquiry, which saw a "Trace Route" search which tracks internet signals from their origin to their destinations. When the results were compared it showed the internet signal was being diverted inside New Zealand.

The data showed the internet signal had previously taken two steps before going offshore - but was now taking five.
Via @csoghoian: If you're a spy agency & are going to illegally intercept a geek's residential internet connection, don't add 3 hops + 150ms to traceroute.

There is a reason the technical rules for "lawful" intercept of Internet traffic in a lot of countries are quite strict that network routes should not change when a subscriber is tapped. But I guess being your own ISP would circumvent that and give the interceptors a problem.

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2012-07-26 (#)
Video Internet Infrastructure (East vs West) where someone visits the Philippines and is telling about the state of the (Internet) infrastructure filming above-ground telephone, power and TV cables. But I can think of "western" countries with above-ground wiring looking more or less like this and "eastern" countries were wiring is a lot neater.

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2012-04-11 (#)
An update about the collapsed transmission tower/mast collapse in Hoogersmilde:

The concrete tower part of the transmission tower at Hoogersmilde has been repaired and parts for the new lattice mast that will be on top are coming in to the construction site. Radio-tv-nederland has all the pictures and updates for the rebuilding process of the Hoogersmilde transmitter.

And last night the FM radio transmitters at Lopik were brought back to full power after repairs because of the damage to the transmitter in a small fire on that same 15 July 2011.

Via Radio-tv-Nederland

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2012-03-09 (#)
One victim of the budget cuts at Radio Netherlands Worldwide (Radio Nederland Wereldomroep): Media Network blog will close 24 March 2012. Media Network blog is something I follow the last few years. I'll miss it.

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2012-02-29 (#)
Remarkable news item: Israel raids Palestinian television stations - Media Network Radio Netherlands Worldwide. What I miss (and what I commented there) is any real reporting on the frequency of Watan TV and how it would interfere with air traffic control. None of the news articles I could find answered this question.

Some more searching found me Who's telling the truth about Ramallah TV station raid? - Elder of Ziyon where the same question is asked, with some more details on frequency use in the Middle East. I wasn't aware VHF band I (41.25 - 87.75 MHz) is still in use for TV in the Middle East. With these numbers it could be an option that harmonics or mixing products from the transmitter signal were causing interference but I'd still need to know the frequency of the station and the ATC frequencies to determine whether this was actually happening.

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