The Nokia 6310i phone and linux

This was first a part of The Dell Latitude C640 laptop and linux but I decided to separate the description of solutions for specific phones into separate pages.

I connected the Nokia 6310i phone to the laptop via bluetooth, see Dell Latitude C640 laptop and Linux (Bluetooth)

Internet access via GPRS works on the Nokia 6310i, details on the GPRS setup in Dell Latitude C640 laptop and Linux (GPRS).

Filetransfer via obexftp works on this phone too. An interesting bug in the bluetooth stack of this phone allows one to copy the phonebook (and other system files) without correct pairing by using the 'obex object push' channel and using that connection to fetch files from the phone. This bug is the big security issue known as 'bluesnarfing'.

Locations of software

A roundup of all locations of software in the above article.
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