The Nokia 6630 phone and linux

This was first a part of The Dell Latitude C640 laptop and linux but I decided to separate the description of solutions for specific phones into separate pages.

I connected the Nokia 6630 phone to the laptop via bluetooth, see Dell Latitude C640 laptop and Linux (Bluetooth)

Vodafone wanted to renew my subscription and offered me a Vodafone-branded Nokia 6630. The Vodafone branding also means some capabilities are limited. They want the user to use the UMTS network services they promote. I want to have data transfer from the laptop and Mirjam wants to be able to transfer mp3s to it to play on the train.

I could not get the original obexftp (0.10.7) from the debian package to work. It always used the 'OBEX object push' channel, even when I specified the obex ftp channel number (12 on this phone).

According to USB obex howto I needed the bleeding edge version of the openobex library. After trying for about a day, the sourceforge cvs finally worked and I could get the laaaatest (24 January 2006) version. I then compiled the latest obexftp (making sure to use the openobex library I just created) from According to the obexftp configure script the USB support is not available in openobex (uhh? I enabled it!) because it can't find usb_obex_intf_info_t. From what I can see the USB support in openobex went a different way than that in the USB for openobex patch from Alexander Kavanin went.

Anyway, I got it to work with obexftp 0.18. The default channel used (10) is 'obex object push' which makes the file end up in your inbox. Sample session:

./obexftp -b 00:15:A0:57:91:8B -p ~/RubberDucky-German-Techno-Remix.mp3 
Browsing 00:15:A0:57:91:8B ...
Channel: 10
Sending "/home/koos/RubberDucky-German-Techno-Remix.mp3"...|done
And the channel for full file transfer is 12 (which needs a completed pairing if I'm correct), so I can list files and stuff:
./obexftp -b 00:15:A0:57:91:8B -B 12 -l
Browsing 00:15:A0:57:91:8B ...
Channel: 10
Receiving "(null)"... <?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE folder-listing SYSTEM "obex-folder-listing.dtd"
  [ <!ATTLIST folder mem-type CDATA #IMPLIED>
  <!ATTLIST folder label CDATA #IMPLIED> ]>
<folder-listing version="1.0">
   <folder name="C:" user-perm="RW" mem-type="DEV" label="Phone memory"/>
   <folder name="E:" user-perm="RW" mem-type="MMC" label="Memory card"/>
So for now it seems possible to transfer files to and from the 6630 from the command line.

I never got internet access via GPRS or UMTS working (this is a UMTS phone). Calls just failed. I could dial gsmdata calls.

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