Pegabook, a web interface for searching Pegasus mail address books

Pegabook is a simple program for in a webserver which makes Pegasus address books searchable. It was written purely because the only way e-mail addresses are collected at our site is in thos address books.

Pegabook is spread under the GNU general public license.

Getting the needed parts

You'll need to parts to make pegabook run : Unpack, modify variables at the top of pegabook.c to suit your local setup. Edit the Makefile for paths and C-compiler. Run make. It should compile without problems.

Installing it in your webserver

Just install it in a directory for cgi-bin programs, and call it without any parameters. That way you get the fill-in form for a query.

The version I wrote is for the Hogeschool van Utrecht. And for the Nth time :

I am not responsible for collecting those adresses. Go bug someone else if your favourite name is missing.

Ik ben niet verantwoordelijk voor het verzamelen van die adressen. Ga iemand anders lastig vallen als je favouriete naam ontbreekt.

Using it to resolve addresses for mutt

I switched to mutt as mailer and I wrote a simple perl5 script to look in the output of pegabook for email addresses. Yes, it's the long way around to convert it to html first and then back to text :)
Koos van den Hout ( )