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Morning bootup procedure
The news
The weather
Regular visits
Spam and other e-mail related problems
Internet security
Feed the mind
Food the body
Sysadmin stuff
Linux, Linux weather monitoring
LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol)
Internet, IP version 6, Virtual Private Networks, Multicast
Wireless networking, Wardriving
Web servers / Web development / Apache webserver
Oracle development
Sybase RDBMS
Crypto stuff
Geek stuff
Unix, Sendmail, Nameserver information
Time servers/synchronisation
Interesting information services
Computer folklore fun
Telecom, GSM, Voice over IP, Asterisk open source pbx, Bluetooth
Radio in general and broadcast, Amateur radio, Radio scanning
Digital Subscriber Loop high bandwidth access
Offroad vehicles, Land Rover
Entertainment, Monty Python, Star Trek
Digital camera
Hooking perfectly good equipment to the Internet so others can toy around
Caffeine, Coffee
Cat links
Year2000 issues and stuff
Other links
Companies on the net (that I like)
\latex document preparation
Lock picking

Morning bootup procedure

Rose is Rose
Big Nate
Calvin and Hobbes
PC and Pixel
Arlo & Janis
Fokke & Sukke
The Joy Of Tech with irritating popup.
Piled Higher and Deeper
Questionable Content good webcomic

The news

nos nieuws
The Guardian international edition
The Register
News from Canada at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation CBC North news
ars technica
RTV Utrecht
U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Hazards Program
P2000 alarmeringen, regio Utrecht
slashdot /.
Electronic Intifada
Krebs on security
naked security sophos
Sans Internet Storm Center
Dynamoo on OSINT, spam, scams, security, malware
BBC News online
BBC Sci/Tech news
CNN Interactive (Europe server)
Televisiegids on-line
Bits of freedom

The weather

NOAA Space weather.
Blitzortung lightning tracker network
Dundee Satellite Receiving Station, archive of images from NOAA, SeaStar, Terra and Aqua polar orbiting satellites
MODIS Rapid Response System, near-realtime images from Terra/Modis and Aqua/Modis satellites
Gevoelstemperatuur (windchill) berekening
The Tornado and Storm Research Organisation
Aerospace weather course summary.

Regular visits

The Virtual Bookcase, my project for a website about books with book reviews and user comments linking to affiliate programs.
BOFHcam de site voor de actieve buitensporter.
Internetrecht door Arnoud Engelfriet
Ligfiets Plaza
Schneier on security
Rob O'Hara RevK's rants
Pegasus unterwegs
Doctor Grumpy in the house
The Smell of Molten Projects in the Morning by Ed Nisley, ham radio, recumbent cycling, linux
The customer is .. not always right
Paul Tomblin rants and revelations
Tis hier geen hotel
Milady Landy
Wil Wheaton
Remco on NTP, ham radio and IPv6
Vincent Laforets blog
History of Phone Phreaking Blog
The icanhascheezburger network: M-thru-F, I can has cheezburger?
Nico, large scale unix administration
Joshua Hoblitt on system administration
The Internet Traffic report
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Heavens - Above overview of what is visible (satellite, planets) at any time/location.
International Space Station including crew logs, info, pictures.
The bofh webserver. Go away.
US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Daily Events Report
Chaos Computer Club e.V.
The annals of improbable research.
The MIT Gallery of Hacks
The campaign for any browser
Cabling Faq
HIP'97 site
Route views project


QSO Today amateur radio
Linux in the Ham Shack amateur radio, linux and amateur radio on linux
You Don't Know Flack Rob O'Hara on retrocomputing and other memories from the 80s/90s
ICQ Amateur / Ham Radio podcast
100 Watts and a wire
Curry en Van Inkel podcast
Darknet diaries
De weerman met Peter Kuipers Munnike
Ham Radio Workbench
Sophos Naked Security podcast
HamRadioNow TV video/audio episodes about amateur radio
Church Sound Podcast
Foundations of Amateur Radio
Curry en van Inkel archief

Radio in general and broadcast

Radio en TV zenders in Nederland
Transmission Gallery uk transmitters and information Very good site!
DAB Ensembles Worldwide medianieuws DAB, medianieuws
Agentschap Telecom nieuws en informatie over DAB
Digital TV Radio scanning and measurement
VHF/UHF TV line of sight calculator
Open techniques for Digital Radio Broadcasting
Radiofail: when radio goes wrong

Amateur radio

Zendamateur forums
Southgate Amateur Radio News
De Vereniging voor Experimenteel Radio Onderzoek in Nederland Veron
Veron afdeling A08 Centrum
Veron afdeling A02 Amstelveen
Vereniging van Radio Zend Amateurs news
reddit /r/amateurradio latest posts
William Hepburn's Tropospheric Ducting Forecasts northwest europe
VHF propagation map based on APRS reception reports
Amateur frequentie banden indeling
Collection of software defined radios with a web interface, allowing listeners from around the world
Beginnen met een amateurstation
YL3JD morse contest trainer
CHIRP: open source programming tool for amateur radio
PI6ATV, Amateur TV repeater Gerbrandy toren IJsselstein
PI1UTR, d-star repeater Utrecht
PI3UTR, 2m analoog fm repeater Utrecht
PI2NOS, 70cm analoog fm repeater Hilversum
Amateur radio Satellite FAQ and Howto
Relaiszender op wikipedia, lijst repeaters nederland PA0ENS repeaters Nederland/Belgiƫ/Luxemburg
Find maidenhead locator or QTH grid square very good, including distances
NT1K amateur station blog
Amsat-UK amateur satellites
Amsat North America, Amsat-NA upcoming satellite QSO operations
Amateur Radio on the International Space Station
PI4RAZ amateur site met nieuws en projecten
K0NR amateur station blog
Essex Ham radio
N0SSC amateur station
Adventures of the hiking ham
PE4BAS amateur station
G3XBM amateur station
N1DAY and KC4SIT amateur stations
VE9KK the world of CW
Ham Radio activities of N4JAW
PD3RFR amateur station
VA3QV Amateur Radio on the Road
KE9V Jeff Davis
EI7GL amateur radio activity
KB6NU's Ham Radio Blog
Brick O'Lore ham radio and other stuff
AB4UG amateur radio blog
Radio, Amateurishly by W6KSR
ZS6BNE amateur radio blog
Our ham station contest station blog
Jerry Clement VE6AB hamradio in (beautiful) pictures
K9ZW radio amateur blog
M1AVV radioblog
W2LJ radioblog on QRP
Don Smith M0BLF
2M0SQL radioblog Amateur Satellite
VK2TPM marxy's musing on technology
Ham Radio Daily news
the EIDX Network Satellite Page with audio recordings and interesting information
Summits on the air (radio activations from hill/mountain tops) Summits on the air spots
DXsummit DX Spots
PG7V Contestkalender nederlands
Voice Of America Coverage Analysis Program prediction of HF propagation
ARISS SSTV image gallery
Radio Mobile coverage prediction software and on-line service
PD3EM amateur station blog
PH4X amateur station blog
PD5WL amateur station
The (Chinese) Radio Documentation Project

Radio scanning

FMCNL audioboo FMCNL youtube
Radio scanning site, lots of reviews, information
Militaire luchtvaart binnen Nederland
Air Traffic radio Procedures Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol)
Spotters info: Frequenties luchtvaart
EuroControl homepage
Uniden, maker of the Bearcat BC 120XLT scanner.
Scannermuseum Nederland

Spam and other e-mail related problems

DNS & RHS Blackhole Lists
The Case of the Woodside Literary Agency
Register of Known Spam Operations

Internet security

Echelon word list
Snort, an intrusion detection system

Feed the mind

Internet Anagram Server
WWW Acronym server


Ov reisinfo, reiswijzer
Nederlandse spoorwegen, Informatie / reisplanning
NS Netherlands International Train planner
NS verkortingen (aka stations afkortingen)
Train planner SBB (Swiss) International (very good at european trips)
Schiphol airport inclusief laatste gegevens vertrek/landen
KLM airline met planner/boeken KLM+Northwest airlines
Trailfinders UK
Currency converter/cheat sheet
GWK koersen
Overview NS trains
NS Verkeersleiding Amsterdam foto's
Anwb routeplanner Europa
Shell/Route 66 routeplanner Europa
Routenet routeplanner Nederland
Reken wegenbelasting uit
Actuele brandstof adviesprijzen Shell Nederland
Tube Prune London Underground Metro (Subway) Home Page good page about the london underground
London Underground History, disused stations on London's Underground with great pictures and descriptions.
Abandoned tube stations


Goneboarding UK Gallery very nice pictures
Extreme carving pics nice!


Linux on laptops guide
Linux documentation project
Linuxdoc-sgml writing guide
PAM modules for Linux
PAM/opie module
Linux kernel nfs
Linux rpm finder
Tux, the Linux penguin
Autofs Automounter howto

Linux weather monitoring

MeteoDat software
WX200 / WM918 weather station data collector
Graphical client with WX200 like user interface for the above


IP over atm overview (Auf Deutsch)
Internet Mapping Project by Bill Cheswick/Hal Burch

IP version 6

Living with IPv6, Derek Morr on IPv6 adaptation
IPv6 ontwikkelingen
SixXS, IPv6 deployment and tunnel broker
Hurricane Electric IPv6 tunnel broker
routing advertisment daemon.
Ars technica article on ipv6, differences with ipv4
IPv6 primer
EU ipv6 projects

Virtual Private Networks

CIPE win32
Snapgear overview of VPN types

Wireless networking

Unix utils to configure wireless access points via snmp for access-points like the netgear me-102
Linux wlan site
Linux wlan faq.
Wireless LAN resources for Linux, Canberra Wireless Network
FreeBase, windows software to configure the apple airport base station


WiGLE worldwide wardriving database
Wardriver stickers


List of Usenet public managed hierarchies

LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol)

Secure LDAP for solaris
padl projects, integrating LDAP for authentication/namelookups.
Web2Ldap, scheme-aware(!) webbased ldap viewer/editor
The OpenLDAP project

Web servers / Web development / Apache webserver

Apache web server
mod_ssl, Apache - OpenSSL interface enables apache to become a fully featured secure http daemon
PHP embedded scripting language, does great stuff with Apache
PHP manual (annotated nice version), PHP manual (simple html)
PHP builder, site with php examples and discussion
Resource Description Framework (RDF)
HTML/CSS/.. reference cards
Writing for the web
The WWW consortium
ISO Latin-1 charset in HTML
Check cacheability of a webpage
The CGI resource index
Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing

Offroad vehicles

Unicat expedition vehicles

Land Rover

Land Rover worldwide
Land Rover FAQ
Land Rover Club Holland
Discovery Owners Club UK based landrover discovery owners club
Utrechts Auto Bedrijf de Land Rover dealer in de buurt.
Landrover Discovery web.
Landrover Discovery Series II.

Crypto stuff

OpenSSL, Open Source complete encryption toolkit

Monty Python

Monthy Python's completely useless web site

Star Trek

Holodeck 3
The Flying Dutch Dutch Star Trek fanclub
Psi Phi's Star Trek Archive


No Homers Club Simpsons fanclub at Tufts university
Rinkeldekinkel, Jeroen van Inkel fan site goede site!
Family Ties online.
The MIT List of Radio Stations on the Internet
Cow & Chicken unofficial page
The Official Darwin awards
Infiltration, zine about going places you're not supposed to go with great stuff about exploring tunnels / drain systems.
Internet Movie Database
The Simpsons Archive
Goodmorning Not.
Mad About You
Married With Children


The Virtual Bookcase
Alibris rare books
Site for book collectors

Digital camera

Digital Photography Review good and complete reviews of digital cameras
Steve's Digicams digital camera information and news

Hooking perfectly good equipment to the Internet so others can toy around

Icepick, A very wired house
Bwired, House with domotica all over
The Trojan Room Coffee Machine moved to Spiegel Germany
The SGI challenge DM that got turned into a fridge
Your chance to be train driver for a minute
Online Camera Links
The Trojan Room Coffee Machine

Sysadmin stuff

The rosetta stone for Unix admin commands
Linux compose key sequences
Cisco naming index
Good dns checker
Request tracker ticketing system
SE toolkit (or Virtual Adrian), performance monitoring for Solaris
Ethernet assigned ranges (official document at ieee)
Sysadmin Humor
Serial over RJ45 cabling standard
CIDR faq
Graphical traceroute to
Alan Turing Home Page
Unix admin horror stories
a System Administrator Your Worst Nightmare.
Machine Information
Risks in computing digest digest/list/newsgroup archive
The Unofficial Tank Girl Guide to Sysadmining
The BOFH keyboard
The on-line BOFH excuse server
If you want to becoma a sysadmin, read this first.
Tales from TCP Towers
The Bastard Operator From Hell stories

Computer folklore fun

What is a hacker anyway
Geek code
Commercial Computing Museum
Historical Computer Society
Museum of Obsolete Computers
IEEE Annals of the History of Computing
JAN Lee's Computer History Page
Lexikon's "History of Computing Encyclopedia"
Crash your html browser
VAX war, the stories
IBM PC/RT www site
The virtual chinese takeaway
Page on hacker folklore
A book project : The Netizens and the Wonderful World of the Net: An Anthology on the History and Impact of the Net
Faq for alt.folklore.computers
The Jargon File
Unisys History Newsletter


Jolt Cola.. twice the caffeine and all the sugar
Jolt Cola Germany


Coffee brewing tips from the Harvard Espresso Company

Geek stuff

ThinkGeek, stuff for smart masses
Netizen Geekstuff


Notes on LEDs lots of calculations on LEDs


One man Unix an interesting project in building a simple unix in the 1980's.
Dennis M. Ritchie at Bell Labs
PDP Unix preservation society
UNIX and its Derivatives
How to make Solaris packages.
Online Manuals GNU tools
The Mutt email client
OSS, the open sound driver for Unix including Linux, solaris, bsd, hp-ux.
PuTTY, a good ssh/telnet client for win9*
Security focus, with Bugtraq archive (forums, bugtraq, archive)
Solaris 2 Faq


Nameserver information

Agreement between ICANN and NSI
DNS LOC: Geo-enabling the Domain Name System
The New Domain Name Game A good article on the changes in the domain name system and the way the domain name system is run.
Internet Software Consortium, sponsors of the BIND software project

Time servers/synchronisation

Very nice time reference from gps receiver project
NTP Time Synchronization
DCF-77 logs
GPS Time and Frequency Dissemination
BRG precision time displays
Infopage timeserver at
Infopage timeserver at
Allgemeines DCF77
Time and Standard Frequency Station DCF77 (Germany)
DCF77 for Linux
The 21st Century and the 3rd Millennium - When Will They Begin?

Interesting information services

CIA world fact book
Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, browse spaceflight results directly on WWW.

Digital Subscriber Loop high bandwidth access

DSL reports, good site on DSL and finding DSL access in the US.


Cisco multicast quick-start configuration guide
IP Multicast routing commands


Telecom Digest archives
Coldwar communications infrastructure in the US
Telephone World, with pictures, sounds and lots more about telephones
Local calling guide for US and Canada area codes
uk.telecom faq
Nederlands telefoon museum / Dutch telephone museum
Telephones UK, history, sounds, documents about telephones in the UK
Stop UMTS angst! Een beetje tegenwicht tegen alle UMTS paniek
United Pacific Railroad Pole line - Roy Utah, complete information on all kinds of telecom, computer, network protocols
AT&T Long Lines Microwave Towers pictures of towers in Utah
The Central Office: pictures of telephone central offices
Fone Finder with US area codes and international city codes
L-4 coaxial system (how the Bell system helped win the cold war) about military telecommunications networks in the US.
The Microwave Radio and Coaxial Cable Networks of the Bell System
Strowger telecommunications history
The Payphone Project
Pay Phone Directory by El Jefe
International Telecommunication Union, ITU News Room
This is a recording: Telephone sounds and recordings
Phone Trips, recorded phone sounds from phone phreaks
Dan Kegel's ISDN page


Pay as You Go Sim with Data Wiki
Comparison of GSM AT+C commands
Linux GSM library
Steve's Toronto Area Cellular/PCS Site Guide
Nobbi's site of GSM masts
Overview of the Global System for Mobile Communications
Coverage maps GSM providers
GSM information

Voice over IP

Fritz!Box info wiki
Voip security blog by Mark Collier - VoIP security news
Collectors'net, connecting old telephone equipment via VoIP
octothorpe, asterisk patches for Collectors'net support

Asterisk open source pbx

Nerd Vittles, Asterisk scripts, samples and other neat stuff
Voip Supply voip insider, voip news and asterisk goodies
Asterisk VoIP news
Project MF, making Asterisk blue-box able
Asterisk quickstart, lots of information and user experience with Asterisk, Nederlandse site over voip met open standaarden


trifinite group bluetooth security

Other links

Subterranea Brittanica with loads of info about underground sites of the cold war era and other underground construction
Silent UK Urban exploration and underground photography
Place Hacking urban exploration a more philosophical approach
The 404 research labs
Xwrits, software for X11 to help avoid RSI
Speak Freely, free Internet phone program for Unix and Windows
Mark Hughes links page
Homepage for Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, the town
The Nizkor Project Electronic Holocaust Resource
c't magazin fuer computertechnik

Companies on the net (that I like)

Amazon book store
TakeitNow webwinkel PC onderdelen goeie voorraadstatus, goeie levering.
Conrad electronica catalogus (geektoys!)
Reichelt electronica componenten

\latex document preparation

TeXPower presentation formatter (exports to pdf)

Lock picking

MIT guide to lockpicking

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Koos van den Hout
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